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So I've recently create another account for some of the artwork I work on. It's a collaboration account with my wife at argibi and our site is over at if you're interested. I'm expanding my portfolio to more than just anthro stuff, so you'll see more of that stuff over on that account while I'll be posting most of my anthro stuff on this account. I feel like it will make a good distinction between the two accounts and that way I don't feel like I'm double posting or anything like that. So that's the biggest news I have thus far in my art life if there's anyone around here who still visits, lol! I haven't exactly been posting too often, but we'll see if I can change that.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned!

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It's been a while... a long while...

I'm trying to pick up the pencil and draw again. Sorta feel like I need to, I still owe people some art, and it's 'bout damn time I finish this stuff and get more drawing done. So with any luck, people will be seeing a bit more of me around here. Here's hopin'!
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  • Reading: Drawn to Life - Walt Stanchfield
  • Playing: Persona 3 Portable
So I have a few days off thanks to Thanksgiving, that's something to be thankful for. Got to play video games for the first time in MONTHS, it's been nice. ^_^
I posted a few character design assignments, just the ones I wasn't too embarrassed to show. I have a couple more to share but I forgot the files at school, so I'll have to wait until Monday or Tuesday to get and post them. Though I'm hoping I won't be too busy to post them, we're getting our final assignment for that class, and it's fairly crazy... if I remember right, it's somewhere over sixty drawings for one character... that on top of the other things I need to get done, it could get crazy. But I'll be finished, and then it's off to the real world.... or grad school, if I'm fortunate enough to get into something like that. Looking at ACCAD for a local school, CALARTS would be really cool, though I'm not so sure I could pull something like that off... eh, we'll see. The future is unwritten, right? Happy Turkeyday everyone!
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So I'm well into the school thing, and I'm feeling the pressure already. I'd say it's a safe bet that this will be my most stressful semester at CCAD, but a lot of good will come of it. I'm already feeling more confident with drawing my characters and the CG short I'm working on is looking to start picking up as well. With any luck, I'll have some really good stuff to show by the year end. I'll try posting the things I'm working on along the way too. I'd love to hear what people think of what I'm doing. I'm exhausted, my arm feels like it's going to fall off from drawing so much, the stress is there but I'm excited for where this semester will take me.

And on a side note, if you like dark stuff go watch 9. The story was fairly enjoyable and it was one of the most beautiful CG movies I've seen to date.
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Seems to happen every time. Once a new semester starts up, my activity starts to dwindle again, more than it usually does. Well I did start a new semester today, my last one assuming I decide against grad school. If all goes well I'll be graduating in December. Though normally school slows my posts, It might not slow me down too much this time, maybe...

I'm taking a character design class, though the class focuses on people rather than anthropomorphics, so I may not have as much to post, but in all honesty, I really need to get better with my hoomans anyway. I'll still try to get on here as often as I can, I really need to, but I'm just putting out the warning that this will be my most intense semester yet, and that's saying something considering my last semester I was taking 21 credit hours.

So if I seem a little absent, school insanity would be the reason why, and usually is ^_^;;
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I come back from my trip and a 17hr drive, just about to go to bed and I get a text message from my friend krhainos to find that I've been featured! By none other than notveryathletic! I mean, what a way to make my day! I couldn't even believe it, I hardly feel worthy enough for a feature, but man, that's awesome. :grin:

And on the note of my trip, it went quite well! I'm definitely feeling more inspired to do more illustrations and get back to work on 3D stuff again. I was starting to get a little burned out, but going to that event and walking around the city sparked something in me again. I hope it catches, I need this to stick with me for a while. ^_^
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I'm heading out to SIGGRAPH for the week, so I won't be back until the beginning of the week after. I have the unfortunate tendency of completely disappearing with no warning so I figure I'd give word this time, so see you guys in about a week!
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I usually watch a fair share of fan-subs. It's how I find what's up and coming in Japan before it hits the states. That's how I ended up discovering this site. They have a decent selection of shows, and two shows I currently find myself watching quite a bit.

First one up is Shangri-La. It's by studio Gonzo, which have shown to me being fairly hit or miss. But they also have on board Range Murata as a character designer, which caught my eye because he's one of my favorite Japanese artists. The show is definitely covered in his style, I honestly didn't know he was working on the project until after I watched the first episode and had to look it up. Sure enough it was listed on the project! I could tell just from the first couple of scenes in the first episode, so any fans of Range will enjoy the character design in this show.
But what really pulls me into this show is how deep it is. It has your typical action and such, but the story goes a little deeper than the typical stuff. And while I was getting a heavy "Nausicaa" vibe from it at first, once the plot opened a bit more I can see it was more than just another post-apocalyptic story, and partially because it tries to be a pre-apocalyptic show, but that's another story. The show pulls in things like political ties and the "carbon market", which was something I didn't even know actually existed until I watched this show.
Then I also love how well the characters are written. None of them are overly written out at "uber-characters", they all have humanistic flaws about them, keeping them fairly real and believable. And the animation is beautiful, I can't imagine the kind of budget they got for this show. It's so well done, it just amazes me! Definitely worth watching!

Shangri-La -…

Then there is another one that's more of a slow up and coming animation called Time Of Eve. I think it's independantly done but I'm unsure, I haven't done enough research on it just yet. It's not much of your typical anime-fanfair, there isn't really any action to it and it's mostly just plot, but it's so well done it blows me away.
It set in the future where androids are bought and used as common day appliances to do common day things like fixing breakfast and running errands, but it touches on the idea that these androids have a consciousness and self awareness beneath their original AI programming, which comes out at this hidden cafe where the only rule is to not differentiate between android and human. I'd sorta say it's what iRobot should have pushed more to be like.
The big push of this show is the story, and you can tell. It's well written, I actually end up caring about the characters as I go through the story. They touch upon many things such as the ethics of treating robots like humans, and political problems of these androids taking jobs away from humans. Everything in the show pushes the story foward. There are even times where you'll see television commercials of the "public service announcement" type warning people that robots are taking peoples jobs or that having a romantic relationship with an android is immoral and unethical. It's awesome because these commercials are just a tiny detail to the whole show, but they look like they could be real. They spent so much time and effort on all the details that it comes together as one great show. My only complaint if I had one would be that I want to see more of this show! But because it's being done by a smaller studio, they can't release episodes out as quickly as some other studios could. But the quality is still there, it's one of the most professional looking animations I've seen. For instance, it's one of the few shows that I've seen where they've nearly seamlessly blended 2D and 3D animation together. It's really something you must see, and I highly recommend it, especially if you're into all that cyborg-android theology stuff that Shirow Masamune writes into his Ghost In The Shell series.

Time Of Eve -…
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So when I got word that they were tearing down my old school I was told our old art tiles were going to be transferred to the new school. Well I got word off the street that it wasn't true. Found out they planned on toppling it down with all the painted ceiling tiles inside, cause you know, nobody cares about that stuff. So I figured I'd try to get mine the legal way, I talked to the site manager and went to see if I could find a way to get my tile before they knock it down. He said I had to go in with the demolition manager to get it, that he'd be in later that day. Well I got a call from him and I ran over as fast as I could. Apparently I had just missed him and that he'd probably be on site the next day. So I call the next day to see if I should stop by and the manager said he didn't stay long enough to let me in and that I should come by the next day at 8:30-9:00 to run in and grab it. So I went in early, got there at 8:05 with the philosophy that if you're early your on time. As I arrived I saw they started demolition already. And not only had they started demolition, but they didn't even start on the side of the building I was told they would start on. They didn't start on the end, but right smack in the middle, right where the art room is. I'm sure it's just ironic, but man I can't help but feel like there wasn't a little bit of purpose in that one. The site manager said he was sorry and that he'd call me back when they go on break, that maybe I could go in and possibly find it in the rubble or something. And it's all something I shouldn't have even had to worry about, all they needed was to grab some volunteers and take the tiles over to the new art room and problem solved, but the superintendent doesn't care about anything but the football team. That's just how my old school was and still is run.

But here's the sad part. I was trying to do this the legal way. I was very tempted to just open one of the doors one night while the crew was away, just walk in and take my tile. I wouldn't have hurt anything, they're just tearing the site down anyway and I would have gotten my tile back. Now I'm not advocating B&E, but I am writing this as a lesson. All I had to do was walk in and take it back. No harm, no foul, no one gets hurt and all is fair. Learn from my mistake kids.

Well the site manager held up to his word. I went back to watch some of the carnage take place and took some video. After they went on break I headed over to check with the site manager if it'd be alright for me to go in. He checked with the demo manager, grabbed me a hard hat and we went in. I really wish I had my camera out for the inside, though it was probably too dark, but it was like something out of Silent Hill. Walked in through where the old offices were and back to the art room which was in total darkness due to the power being out. I searched the place, my tile wasn't in there. I checked the tiles still in the ceiling, the ones on the ground, it wasn't there. So I'm hoping someone decided they liked it enough to run off with it. That'd make me much happier than it being chucked into a dumpster somewhere. So I grabbed a friends tile that was still in the ceiling and headed out. I didn't get my tile back, but I did rescue one and I'm feeling much better about the whole situation at least.
Yes, it's that time again, ready for the onslaught of hilarity and mis-information?

I was ready for IGN to continue that Legend of Zelda movie thing, as last year they did that fake trailer with a date of 2009... I'm gonna be honest, I was hoping for a continuation of that, even if it was fake. But alas, nothing up yet. Probably won't be either, but it's okay, I found two others that take the cake this year.

Forget Accordion Hero, why go for a squeeze box when you can Yodel! -…

Yeah, and everyone thought that annoucement at GDC meant that the new Metal Gear hero was going to be Raiden, think again... -…

Google has some awesome ones to boot! -…

And of course ThinkGeek has a few stellar pieces to show -…………………
If you haven't checked out Legend of Princess yet, I highly recommend it!…

Go play it! It's not too long of a play through, and if you're a fan of 2D side scrollers, and obviously Legend of Zelda, you'll enjoy it. Quite fun!

...On a side note, anyone particularly proud of a piece of art they've recently produced? Just sorta reaching out to see if anyone has anything they want seen and perhaps some comments on.
Apparently there is a hack going around on DA, if you get a comment from anyone with

"rofl this may be relevant to your interests"

as a link, DO NOT CLICK IT. I'm trying to figure out what it does, but what I do know is that it sends the user to a PHP page that supposedly changes your password and spams comments "randomly" with the same link. I've just found myself a victim of this, so becareful. Watch what you click.

UPDATE: Apparently all is well. There is a news article about it here...… So apparently it's been fixed.
(note: I apologize for this one, it's a bit of a long one.)

May as well say so. A quick stroll through my gallery to see what I used to put up and how much I'm actually around nowadays would reveal as much. One just might go ahead and say I'm dead. I'm just too busy, or I'm getting hung up with life, this, that, etc...

Well, sure, but that's life. And it's about time I stop letting it hold me back.

I had a sort of mild revelation today. Sitting in a class of mine this morning, groggy, when my instructor started teaching and asking the class questions. Questions about us, our work, and why it's worth anything. This is why I love the first day of class in most of my classes. I usually end up getting hit with something wonderful and helps inspire me for the rest of the semester, well, at least up until midterms anyway.

But today was different. I can't explain it too well, but it was. Something I've been struggling with for a good while is who I am, not only as an artist, but as a person. Most of my life I just sort of ignored it and blindly stumbled forward, doing what ever I was told. Somehow, by chance, I found myself an animator. I don't know how, it just sort of happened. I even, ironically enough, recall swearing off the idea of ever becoming an animator, and now it's my major. Of course, where ever I go after school could be anything, but the fact that I'm studying a field I never thought I would is enough proof to me that I've been ignoring myself for some time now.

Looking back, I really started searching for myself as an artist back when I started at CCAD. I saw it as a fresh beginning, and hoped for the best. I sort of stumbled around for a good while before I finally started to find a few things clicked with me, but started getting frustrated when I realized, I just couldn't figure out where I fit. I can't say I know exactly where I sit with my work just yet, and perhaps, I may be in for a longer ride than I anticipate, but I'm changing things now.

I feel like I've been throwing away my time. I spend a lot of time working and studying my field. While in school, I spend anywhere from 10 to 16 hours on campus. No exaggeration there, I'm in school a lot, be it for class or working on homework. Yet, what do I have to show for it? Even my gallery here is pretty sparse. With that much time spend in study and work, shouldn't I have a bit more to show for it?

I don't post everything, but the first step I'm taking is to try to post more. Now this may seem simple to many, but this is going to be the most difficult step for me. I'm going to work harder to get more stuff done and show more of it. I know I can handle it, I've pushed myself to my limits before and have been able to produce. And honestly, I think I'm not doing it enough. I'm wasting my time, and I'm wasting the time of those who have decided to watch me, and that's just unfair all around. It's a waste, I need to produce more, and while I'm busy working on animation, I also need to be spending my free time producing art from myself.

So this is my first step toward breaking my old habits. This is my last year in school, better make something of it.
Got one thing posted at least.... gotta jet, time for work ;_;
Did anyone else see the the Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends float get Rick-Rolled?

...really hope that one goes up on YouTube XD
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This is... I can't even describe it. You'll just have to read this one. It's an article about the new Captain Rainbow game out for the Wii in Japan, and it involves Birdo, and... apparently censoring. Wow... in a Nintendo game. XD
So yeah, while I was expecting to hate it... I actually like it so far. The back end has actually been quite speedy thus far. Every thing I've done, comments, replies, they've all been posted nearly as soon as I hit that submit button, which is amazing to me as I'm used to it taking nearly a minute or so for it to even respond in the past. And I of course quite enjoy the return of thumbnails in my deviant watch. And in contrast to what people have been saying about the new message center, I actually like it better. Feels a bit more organized to me. I haven't met many bugs yet, though I know it's only a matter of time, it feels like the most stable release so far. And that's really a lot to say. I've been with dA since they released ver 2, and I do have to say that of all the released that have been shoved onto us thus far, this one actually impresses me. Of course, I'm saying this now before I start running into problems with it, but it has already stolen an hour and a half of my sleep time from me... and I have work to attend this morning. Thus far, I like ver 6.
Hey everyone, if you have some time to lend your insight I would really appreciate it. I'm working on a piece for someone and having a little trouble with it. I go into a bit more detail in the description, but basically I would like to know if I'm headed the right direction and if anyone has any pointers for me. I've always gotten the best critiques from everyone here, and it would mean a lot to me to hear what you guys had to say. Thanks!

WIP - Malincor:…
Alright, so shortly after spring break my tablet began to go a little hay wire. Not enough to keep me from using it, but enough to slow me down from using it right. I don't make much, so replacing it was not an option. Well, summer came and after an attempt to fix it I quickly gave up hope for the poor thing. So I've been hunting for months to find a replacement I could afford. Well, I got lucky. There was a place selling a refurbished Intuos 3 that was actually in my price range. Funny thing is that the Intuos line is Wacom's higher end tablet, and I couldn't even really afford their lower end one. ^_^  And it's arriving tomorrow... er.... later today (it's 2:13 a.m. where I'm at). So I'm pretty exciting about getting back to work, with a spiffy new tablet.

But my excitement for that was topped when a friend of mine sent me a text message that sent me sprawling to the interwebs looking for this glorious news. I found this...

Yes, to some of you I'm sure that sound is all too familiar. I guess it hasn't been completely totally confirmed as of writing this, but I've seen enough to get my hopes up on a re-release/remake of Chrono Trigger for the DS.

I exploded.
I don't have much in the way of actual new art yet, so I figured I'd put up a couple pieces of school work. Something to show some signs of life from me, and get to posting again. Well, I've stayed up too late already, and I have work in the morning, so this is all I really have to say on the subject. There will be at least a few more in the coming days. Hopefully here soon.