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   Not a fan of Sasuke~~

"You brat! Come back here right now!" Sasuke yelled, chasing the little girl around the house.

"No!" she yelled back.

Sasuke was getting irritated and had no choice but to use his Kage Buushin to catch her.

He hugged her close so that she won't get away.

"Let me goooooo!!" she squirmed hitting Sasuke's face.

Sasuke's eye twitched and tightens his grip on the girl.

"Stop squirming _____." He said in an angry tone.

Sasuke was assigned to protect, more like babysit _____, because her father was out in an A rank mission.

_____ got tired and stopped squirming.

"I hate you." She whined and pouted.

Sasuke sighed and went to _____'s room. He laid ____ on the bed and put the covers over her shoulder.

"Now go to sleep." He said and left.

But _____ stopped him by gripping his blue shirt.

Sasuke sighed and turned to the girl who was looking away blushing.

"What is it now?" he asked.

"C-Can you sleep w-with m-me?" she asked.

"Daddy always sleeps with me every night." Then she gave Sasuke those puppy dog eyes.

Sasuke face palmed and then laid beside ____ on the bed, pulling the covers over them.

"I thought you hated me." He said while stroking _____'s (h/l) (h/c) hair.

"I still do." She pouted and gave Sasuke a glare.

Sasuke chuckled and kisses ____'s forehead.

"Goodnight, _____."He whispered and ____ fell fast asleep.

Sasuke smiled and wrapped his arms around _____.


Sakura glared angrily at Sasuke and _____, who was sleeping together in the bed.
'I want to sleep with Sasuke-kun!'
Here's the pic--->[link]
I made this cause some little kids were beating me up =_=
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So freaking cute! I love it.
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I love your x Little!Readers~! Do you think you can make a Kakashi x Little!Reader? I could help you think of a plot!
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Aw, come on Sakura. Reader-chan is a child, you're being silly.
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Me : Sasuke what happened to taking revenge on whats his face lol

Sasuke : OH SHUT UP YOU!

Me : You dont own me.. xP
Sasuke : Yes I do!
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Sakura: It'd be nice to sleep with you Sasuke-kun!~ Sakura Haruno (Blush) [V1]                                                                                                                                     Me: Actually im sleeping with him rn and hes mine ;)  Llama Emoji 27 (Awesome) [V2]                                                                                                                                                      
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Let her in, we can have a threesome..
*reads Sakuras part*
Oh for fucks sakes Sakura I'm a child... I'm not trying to steal your 'precious' sauske...

Yet... (eωe)
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Exactly what I said 😎
*insert Lenny face here*
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Why thank you JustAChildAtHeart
JustAChildAtHeart's avatar
You're well come.

I mean welcome.
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^///////////^ so kawaiiiiiiiii ! Dies of cuteness
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You should do Kakashi and Tsunade lol 
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Your arguement is amusing to the eye yet strange since I do not understand what you two are fibbledibbled about.
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