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Russian version opening

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I love the Russian version very much:boogie:
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Oh WOW! Russian SH =D Very nice =D
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Its good, than russian movie classic translated in Japanese language.
I want to watch Tantei Monogatari, but It was not translated even into English! (But I watched all series anyway XD) Sorry for off-top. 
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WOW!!! Dasha-san!! I talked with you after an interval of several years. I am very glad:boogie: I like fan art of Lupin whom you drew!
It did not know whether you liked Tantei Monogatari. Very cultured!
I have seen it a little too. If I can speak English, I can translate it to you..XD
I hope someday you can see it in English.
By the way, I noticed for the first time in your reply. I was very fortunate to have seen this Russian work with Japanese subtitles :tears:
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I watched Tantei Monogatari in last year (because Kuzan Aokiji from One Piece). And I think that Shunsaku Kudo has a similarity with Lupin & Jigen.
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I sympathize with how you feel. There seem to be lines "Lupin" in tantei monogatari. The scriptwriter writes Lupin. I feel it very interesting!
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О, тоже обожаю эти "шифрованные" заставки! У вас замечательная цветастая работа :)
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Thank you very much. I love Sherlock Holmes of Vasily Livanov! I painted the color with love.
I'm sorry. My Russian language is garbled.
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Sorry, just thought you might be Russian)
I really like your idea, anyway! ;) So bright and so interesting. You actually painted my day also))
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Thank you for your reply.
I am Japanese. 
I am sorry that my Russian and English are bad...
I am so glad to hear what you said! Thank you!!
This drama was broadcast on subtitles on Japanese cable TV.
I think the content and the opening image are very attractive!!
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Wow, I didn't know that Japanese people have Russian Sherlock Holmes on TV! That's amazing :)
You are just second person from Japan who likes Holmes that I met during last week :o
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I am glad to see you. There were Japanese people besides me!
There are Russian SH fans in Japan.
The newer Russian version SH is being broadcast this week.
It is exciting:boogie:
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hi, Valda-san!!
Большое спасибо. Я люблю Шерлока Холмса Василий Ливанов! Я окрасил цвет любовью.
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