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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Czech Republic
With my art I am trying to bring presence, colorfulness, inner peace and joy into everyday reality.
I believe that the energy we put into anything we create will shine through the result of our work. That is why I don’t paint with mind but with heart. I am not trying to make my paintings technically perfect because perfection is not real.
My artwork reflects a great admiration for nature and life in general. There is so much beauty around and inside of us. We just forgot how to see it. But if we open our hearts and sink into presence the whole world will change before our eyes.

My story (Why I changed the name of my site)

When I started my artistic journey few years ago (after leaving a promising career of financial mathematician) it was one of the greatest times of my life. And in my heart I felt I was finally on the right path. Unfortunately there was still a part of me that did not believe that it is possible to make a living as an artist. Also I was fascinated by tattoo art and it felt like more practical way to make a living so I became a tattoo artist.
Tattoo beginnings were tough. Often I was really exhausted at the end of the day. But I hoped it will get better in time. And although it got a bit better, I was not happy. I missed painting but I didn't have enough time to paint. And if I had time, I had no inspiration and it felt really frustrating. But I did’t listen to my heart and to my body and continued living with a lot of exhaustion and remorse until quite serious health issues forced me to stop.
During my illness I learned a lot about myself and I started to perceive the world differently. And as soon as I got a bit better I started to paint again. And it felt great. But suddenly there was something preventing me from publishing my new art. Considerable inner uncertainty and fear of how my new artwork will be accepted. My mind whispered to me that people now appreciate me for my tattoo art and nobody cares about my paintings anymore. Stupid. I know :)
One day I realized I need a completely new beginning. I also began to understand why some native americans change their names throughout their lives. I realized the name can bind you to the old thinking patterns although they are no longer true to your heart. Also we tend to mistake our names for who we really are (that of course cannot be named).
And somehow the idea of a new artistic identity helped me to become more confident about my work again. I threw away some old thinking patterns and dived into the colorful world of art again. And finally the long lost feeling of being on the right path is getting back to me.

And why “Blue birch”?
It came quite spontaneously and it just felt right :) I’ve always felt a strong connection to trees. For me they are the embodiment of consciousness, deep peace, enormous power and wisdom and a complete rootedness in presence. And birches are my favorites thanks to their vivid energy and lightness.
And blue… Blue… It is quite intangible to my mind but when you say “blue” (or “modrá” in Czech language) I feel so warm and positive vibrations it makes me smile for some reason. I love all the colors and colorfulness but blue is somehow unique to my heart.
It is also connected with my painting called “Living inside your mind (Just look around)” which has a special meaning to me since it was the first painting I made during recovery from the illness and therefore it opened the door to the new life chapter.


Tattoo cover
Usually I share here my watercolor paintings but today i decided I will share also some tattoos I made :)

Here I begin with my recent favourite. It is a tattoo cover which shows my approach to covers - I do not believe in covering the old tattoo completely like it never existed. It is like we were trying to deny our past. I believe it is better to accept the past and step into the presence with creativity and colorfulness :) 


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LaniDoll Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Truly gorgeous work from the heart 
And a beautiful story of your journey. 
Absolutely lovely soul and art. 
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Sara-Arasteh Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Beautiful gallery!
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Dance4life628 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy birthday and Easter! :la:
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Happy Birthday! Have your cake and eat it too 
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Happy Birthday!
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Happy birthday!!! Love Hug Love 
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Nothing but love for your art~ ❤ 😊
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Your work is so lovely! I hope you get your wish, you have the talent to do it!
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