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Hey guys ! I hope you have all had a wonderful and eventful September (unlike me). I apologies for the lack of updates and art on this site. I have been really busy with my life and my second book (which coming along very nicely btw. Just 2 stories left and then off to the Print shop !). Also I never seem to finish colouring any pictures, which is really bugging me a lot. Another reason is that I am drawing quite a few pictures which I rather not post online, thus this outcome.

Apart from that I have managed to twist my right foot (again) and 3 weeks later I went to the doctor so he'll have a look at it. Apparently I have torn a muscle and I am not allowed to walk around (which I am still doing ).  

So in less than a week it will be my birthday and it will be quite a special one. Apart from celebrating my success of living 4 months on my own in Germany, I will also be consider as a grown up (hence the title "Time is up").  I have been already receiving lovely presents from my family (Thanks so much Mum!!) and now I feel spoilt. Ha ha ha


Before I conclude I want you guys to meet my dear little Piggies: Volts and Ġuġu !!Aren't they cute ?? They are now a month old and they have grown so much. I am so proud of them. Gugu + Volts by Blue-Aqua-san95

So I hope you all are doing well and I guess I'll see ya around. Also expect some doodles in the near future from me.

See ya !!


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Submitted on
September 26, 2013