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Hi everybody ! 

I hope you're all doing fine and having a grand time :D I know I am cause I am literally trying to enjoy my last week before Uni starts. YAY !! Anyways I wanted to write a quick journal about what I am planning on doing and HOPEFULLY still be doing during the course of Uni. 

Point 1: Continue to write Journey
<da:thumb id="482361053"/>
It's a story I really wish to finish without being completely crap. I am not used to write down stories and I am having trouble trying to come up with how the story should advance and such. Also I need motivation for it, which isn't a regular thing. However I am not giving this one up just yet, so keep a look out for it. So the schedule for this time will be irregular. 

Point 2: The Shadow man - My strange friend Comic
My strange friend - Page 1 by Blue-Aqua-san95
This is something completely new as I started this just a few days ago. I felt like it was time that I start developing my comic skills. Also I just really wanted to draw a comic again. This time I'll be moving from just random strips though. No, I wanted a comic with an actual story to it. If it will be a long or short one, I am not sure yet. I do have a general idea of where the story should go and how it is focused. A little strange might be that one of the main characters won't speak English (most likely) during the entire story, so that should be interesting.

Here I would like to ask you my watchers, if I should persuade this goal or not bother. Do you want to read this comic ? If yes than I need your help. I have this tendency of losing interest or focus on what I do after a while. It happened with literally every project I have started. I don't know how I can prevent this from happening, so I am asking you guys. What can I do ? I really want to finish this comic ! Tips on how the story is doing or improvements on the art are always welcomed

The schedule of the comic will be once a week, starting from next week. On which day... I haven't decided that yet. Probably weekends though. 

Point 3: Commissions are OPEN 

I am taking commissions again. Both Paypal and Points. Currently I am offering Sketches for 5 Euros/6$/600 :points: and Simple Background (Digital) one Character for the price of 7 Euro / 9.10 $ / 910 :points: . I can only take 5 commissions at once, so I don't stress myself out (which means you get better results). The reason it is open again is because I am kinda running a bit short on pocket money and earning a bit on the sideline can't harm. Don't worry I still have enough money to live. It's just that I don't have the money to go out to the cinema or eat out with friends and such, which would be nice every now and then. Anyways it's up to you, if you feel like a commission or not. 

If you're interested, check out the Samples below or check out my gallery , the rules and send me a note

The master alchemist and wizard by Blue-Aqua-san95 Ask by Blue-Aqua-san95 Art Trade - Mitzly by Blue-Aqua-san95Sketch-Dump  March  2014 by Blue-Aqua-san95Sketch Dump - Being on Time by Blue-Aqua-san95 They are back ! by Blue-Aqua-san95


Bullet; Red I will draw pretty much everything as long as it's not offensive, racial, nude or sexual. 

Bullet; Red Please, if you want a coloured drawing, please provide me with a clear, coloured reference

I thank everybody who read all this till here. You're great and have a nice day/night !  :D 

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saxitlurg Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2014  Student Artist
I think you can do it! I wish I could give advice on how to stay focused on a project, but that's something I'm still struggling with myself ^^; Right now the best advice I can give is to work on it at least a bit every day. Even if you don't do much at a time, it'll keep you in that mindset. And good luck with your commissions! I'll remember for the next time I have some money burning a hole in my pocket!
Blue-Aqua-san95 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2014  Student General Artist
Thank you for the comment and support. I try to do my best. Up till now I have been working on the comic every day and reached to page 9. I hope it continues this way. :) 

I guess one of the many reasons why it's hard to focus on a project is the uncertainty of where and how you're standing. Like there is no feedback loop. No response. At least that's what I think. But then you can't do everything as your audience says. 

Thanks, though I doubt I will get any. That's usually the case. :/ Uwijja. More time for the comic I guess :XD: 
saxitlurg Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2014  Student Artist
Oh yes, that too, the feedback loop is a great motivator. But at the same time, I often find that I finish things more if I don't show them till they're done, because once I get feedback my mind thinks I'm finished, and I tend to lose interest. Or else it goes the other way and my mom says something unintentionally discouraging and then I don't want to finish OTL Both of which are bad habits that I need to get over.

Yeah same here, the last commission I got was three months ago to draw a fish for a guy at my work OTL
Blue-Aqua-san95 Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2014  Student General Artist
Same problems. Although I must say I am doing quite well, considering I already started to upload some pages. :) I hope it stays so. 

I don't even remember when I last did a commission. :/
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September 23, 2014