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Mathias awoke sweat dripping in his bed. He sat up as he rubbed his eyes.

“Not again...”

He looked around. He was still living in the shed, he got crashed into by the robot two years ago. To be honest he felt like it was longer than just two years. Everything had changed since that evening.  He had been teleported into an odd dimension with different biomes and living beings, not being humans. Sometimes he wishes this was all a dream but looking at the scars that the robot had made to his legs, always reminded him that this was reality for him now.

“Good morning Mathias you lazy bum! You’ve said you’d help me with my latest invention. C’mon!”
Mathias yawned as he rolled out of bed and gently rubbed his scared right leg.

“I’ll be ready soon”, he replied smirking at his fish-looking friend named Detlef. He quickly washed his face and slipped his pocket watch, a dear treasure from his parents, into his pocket. As he appeared next to his friend again, Detlef remarked aloud:
“You know it’s a mystery how you ended up here two years ago... But I am glad you did”
Mathias smiled.

“Yeah ... Though it would be nice to get back home”
Detlef thought a bit and then frowned.

“I would love to leave this island. We’re so isolated. If it were not for Sakul, who comes every now and then to bring us some supplies, we would have no contact to the outer world.”

Cabmor is a floating island in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by clouds. Beneath the island there is void. Nothing. None of the residence knew what one could find, nor did they dare to find out. Some believed that there are monsters that rip out your souls and gills (they are fish people after all). Cabmor is a fertile land; however it is dependent on merchants for wood and other products.

One of such merchants was Sakul, an Aler – a darkish elf looking being. He always enjoyed selling his products on Cabmor for it was one of the few destinations that were not hostile. The children (including Detlef)loved listening about his daring adventures to the unknown, trying to find new exquisite products to sell and help improving his family well being. Mathias found Sakul’s people odd and reminded him of some human cultures. It is quite known around their world that the male … always have at least two wives. This is so because males are not really common, for females are more likely to be born. Therefore in order to keep their species going, the few males that are born have two wives to increase the chances to have a son, for each female can only give birth once. It took some time for Mathias to get used to the idea.

With Sakul there’s this strange girl. Once Mathias asked if it were one of his wives, but Sakul shook his head.

“Ah no. This is Lalbu, a Kies. I have found her walking around aimlessly so I took her with me. It’s very dangerous to let a Kies … unguarded for they are really rare creatures in our world. Some say they were one of the first pioneers”

She just looked like a normal black haired girl with a green-purplish skin. If one believes Sakul’s words then she’s a very primitive being. This world was strange enough, so Mathias decided not to question it.  Lalbu always sat and observed her surroundings with her curious dark eyes. Sometimes her look fell on Mathias. Often times it seemed as if she wondered “what is that?” Most inhabitants including Sakul and Lalbu thought about this. Unbelievable but true, Mathias is the first blonde being in this entire world. People just loved to ruffle up his silk like hair, lightening up in the sun so it gently fell again to its original place. Mathias did not mind the attention. Back in the human world, his friends tended to do the same thing.

Today Detlef did not want to hear any of Sakul’s adventures, nor did he want to check Lalbu’s well-being as he did sometimes several times a day. Not this time for he has finally after months of hardships and trails, invented a contraption, which could possibly lead his friend back into his world. It just needed a little test run and this is where his human friend comes in. Mathias and Detlef walked out to the remote part of the island. Nothing but fields of grass could be seen.

“Are you sure this … thing is going to work and NOT blow us into bits??”

Detlef frowned.
“Hey man just trust me! When did I ever disappoint you? “

It was true. Mathias did not have any reasons to doubt his fish man friend, yet he could not help himself from thinking that it could all go horribly wrong… Somehow.
“So how do you think this thing would work?”

Detlef looked at his machine. It was rather small, about the size of a school kids’ lunch box covered with weird metallic gears and lights. To be honest he was not sure what to expect. He was kind of hoping that a portal gate would appear once he pressed a certain combination of numbers. He gently glanced at Mathias. His green-blue eyes pierced him with concern.

“Oh.. D..Don’t you worry. I am sure everything is going to be fine. Yeah.. yeah.. Hey look !! There’s a nice spot don’t you say ?” stuttered Detlef as he pointed near a grazed field, not so far from the ledge of the island. Mathias raised an eyebrow and looked at the spot Detlef was pointing out. There was not much to discuss about. He closed his eyes. The thought of finally being back home, where he can be with his family, excited him. He started to get Goosebumps as he thought of holding his mother again in his arms. He really missed them and wondered how they were doing … without him. He slipped his hand into his pocket and held his pocket watch. Gently he stroked it with his thumb.

He opened his eyes again and looked at Detlef. The young men smiled at each other briefly.
“I guess this is it…”

Detlef nodded as he moved his finger slowly to the start buttons. A flash of light suddenly erupted out of nowhere. The light faded into thin air and a figure appeared. Gravity acted on it as the figure dashed towards the ground fast. The ground shock as a small dust cloud raised from the impact spot.

“Is.. Is that what your machine does ?!?! Summoning people ?!?” said Mathias as he ran towards the person.

“Eee… I didn’t even press any buttons…”  mumbled Detlef and he skipped after Mathias.
The figure started to support itself up.

“Urrrgghh… Why is it always my face ??”  muttered the figure as it wiped off the dirt from its face. A shiny amour appeared as the dust cloud died out. Through the mask, the knight looked at the two.

“Are you ok ?” said Mathias as he reached out his hand to help the knight up.

“Keep your hands off me PEASANT !!” snapped the knight sulking as it slapped the helping hand out its sight. The knight stood up. It wasn’t as tall as Mathias, but it still was frightening. When the knight’s hand touched his, Mathias felt the same kind of shiver he felt two years ago. There’s something clearly wrong. He looked bewildered at his friend but his fish friend had other concerns…

“Umm… Can we help you in some way ??”
“Not if you aren’t some sort of engineer or something…”

Detlef eyes beamed. A smile slowly crept up in his face as he jiggled his contraption in his hands.  The knight on the other hand started to feel creped out.

“Oh ! I am one, if I may say so myself”
“Really ?”
“Then you’ll do fine...“

In a spilt of a second, the knight grabbed him onto its shoulder and ran towards the edge. Mathias, barely realizing what had just happened, started to run after them. But the knight was fast and jumped off the island into the void.

“DETLEF!!!!” shouted Mathias after them as they slowly disappeared into the clouds. All he heard his friend’s voice fading as they fell.  Should he jump after them ?? It will be his end if he did. But. But he had to follow them and free Detlef. OR ELSE. Or else his mother would surely never see him again.

“Sakul and Lalbu !! That’s it !!”

Mathias ran as fast as he could towards the market place. Sweat began to gather on his forehead as his pace increased with every step. His breath drew heavier and heavier. His feet started to feel numb and would probably start to bleed any time soon, but Mathias did not care. He had to find them soon. He had to catch them before they leave to their next location…

Out of breath Mathias reached their stand, only to find it deserted. Nobody was in sight.
“Oh crap!! CRAP ! CRAAAAP!”

Mathias felt like tearing out his blonde mane in desperation. This can’t be happening now. It just cannot be. Where on earth could they possibly be ?? They must be still preparing to leave. Mathias began to run again towards the docking station on the northern side of Cabmor. As he ran he saw the airship on the horizon slowly appearing with the midday suns. Half blinded by the sunrays, Mathias shouted with the little breath he still had left.

Part 1 of Chapter 1. 

Do you guys find this length ok ? Or should I add more of the chapter ? 

Being on Time  Askya Pizzuto
GoSkyKid Featured By Owner May 11, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Exciting! I can't wait for more ^^
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Aww thank you. 

I am glad you liked it :D 
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