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Under The Colorful Moonlight


mountain Momotte2stocks
tree and sky night-fate-stock
moon and stars resurgere
old man NickiStock
texture E-DinaPhotoArt
birds candymax-stock

Copyright © Albulena Panduri. All rights reserved. My images may not be reproduced in any form without my written permission.
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you have a beautiful imagination 
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really wonderful :clap:
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Looks a bit like an album cover. Very good command of color
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Thanks very much!:hug:
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Yay, It's so amazing!
I love this picture...
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Amazing stuff :) - John
fireleap's avatar
This is... like a photograph. Taken in the midst of a dream. Awesome job.
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I love your artworks. most of your artworks show very calm on edge of the life and death. In the real world are u same?
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beautiful, havn't seen anything quite like this before :)
great job on it
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WOW!!!!! Albs, I haven't seen your works for some time and this one... IT IS SUPER!! :O Congratulations! ;)
I'm back in my country now and I will message you soon! I missed you my friend!!
blue-a's avatar
Ohh Mikey, thanks so much my friend!So glad to hear from you again, I missed you too my dear friend!
Hope to hear from you soon 'cause you've got so much to tell from your trip!:D
theflickerees's avatar
Ohhh Albsyy!! :D Its good to hear from you too! How are you doing? hmm?? It seems that you're busy in your vacation :D
I will message you later my dear friend! :hug: I have sooooooooo much to tell you. haha
blue-a's avatar
I'm doing alright my friend!:hug: I've been busy lately with some commissions and I'll have some exams too pretty soon, so I don't know which one to do it first!I can't wait to hear your story Mikey, I'm sure you've had some great time there!:D
theflickerees's avatar
Albsy!! :hug: It's good to hear from you!! :D
Oh wow! Busy Albs!! I haven't talked to you for a while my dear friend, I was near you the past few months but next time I will meet with you!! :D
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Wooooooooooooo!! fantastic!
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wow, very beautiful
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