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Cold, yet soft, fragile bits of snow began to fall aimlessly from the pale, milky gray sky. The air was bitter and nipped at exposed skin of any ‘mon brave enough to travel in such weather without proper gear. Still, it didn’t stop them from attending the Frosty Festival, seeing that it was open to all guilds and featured various activities. Of course, with such a high-strung event going on, one would think that everyone and their grandmother’s would attend for food, festivities and the likes of that sort. It was a time to rekindle old friendships with long-time members of all three guilds and even spark new friendships; and yet, as snug as a Sewaddle in a leafy nest, a certain russet-colored vulpin was curled within her bed, covers draped over her small form as she cuddled with a beanie of an Arcanine. She was completely oblivious of the “large”, towering figure that stood over her, blue sparks emitting from yellow cheeks. But as the unknown figure reached out a small, white paw, the vulpin blinked open pretty, dark amber eyes and let out a tired yawn.

“Don’t. You. Dare.” She mumbled. The figure paused momentarily before bursting into a small fit of giggles.

“I thought for sure you’d sleep until noon!”

Shaking herself from her cocoon, the vulpin stretched before hopping out of her bed, and padding toward the small kitchen. There was a sweet aroma in the air and, after drawing in the strong scent, she deduced that it was a muffin--a blueberry muffin, at that. The pastry was still warm and soft by the time she stumbled onto the stool, dipped her head, and bit into the side of it. An explosion of blueberries skyrocketed in her mouth, and although strong and a bit overabundant in sugar, it was still good; heck, any sort of food made by Tiramisu was good, she was a goddess at cooking.

“Glad to see you’re enjoying it,” the Pachirisu laughed as she soon joined her friend at the table. She hopped onto the stool opposite of Basil, careful not to crumple the parchment in paw, and gently unrolled it. Icons dotted the surface with small, neat handwriting scribbled near specific ones. Upon closer inspection, one could note the intricate detail that went into the map of the Avalodge, seeing that the name was printed in large, bold letters at the top of the page.

“I took the liberty of planning out our day,” Tiramisu began. Pointing with a tiny white paw to an open field-like area, she added, “The sporting games will be held here. I know you like competition, so I made sure we’d get our own field before the crowd came in. We only have it for an hour, so use it wisely.”

“Mm. What are we doing? Soccer, football…?”

“Anything. We’ll discuss it later when we get here, okay? Moving on!” Ignoring her partner’s annoyed grunt, Tiramisu went on, “I’m not sure where they’ll be hosting it, but I want to test out my dance moves at the dance--”

“Absolutely not. I am NOT dancing.” Basil interrupted with a growl.

Tiramisu let out an airy laugh. “Oh, I realize that. That’s why I asked Maroon and Lumi instead! And while I do that, you’re free to do whatever you want~”

“Wait, we’re not spending the entire day together?” Basil frowned. When Tiramisu shook her head, the vulpin stared down at her paws. For as long as she could remember, Tia had always been at her side, through thick and thin, and they were almost never seen apart. It wasn’t that she depended on her for everything, it was that the idea of not having Tia by her side was….nerve wracking. What if something happened to the other?

“Chin up, Babs. I’m not leaving you for good.”

Right. Desperate to change the subject, Basil leaned closer to the map, attempting to read the handwriting upside down. Several of the icons were more bold than others, including one with was a giant fireball. Blinking in confusion, Basil murmured, “What’s that?”  

“Huh? Oh. That’s the bonfire, silly. They only happen at night--for obvious reasons--and I hear it’s a great time to tell stories, especially ghost stories! However, I hear that is doesn’t HAVE to be ghost stories. They can be simple adventure stories or anything….creative, I guess. You should try your paw at telling tales. After all, when you evolve--”

“Stop right there.” The vulpin warned with a flick of her tails. Amber hues scanned the map again until they landed on a familiar, stomach-pleasing word. Ears perked, body tense, the vulpin snatched the map away from Tia who, in response, squeaked in surprise.

“There will be food?!”

“Obviously. It’s a festival. If they didn’t have food, I highly doubt--”

“THEY HAVE FOOD! And not just any food. Chefs from all over the WORLD will be making the food!” the russet-colored ‘mon exclaimed excitedly.

“What, really? I didn’t read that in the guide….”

“Well, it doesn’t say it officially, but who knows? They might!” Despite not being a morning ‘mon, a sudden burst of energy lit within the vulpin’s small body. Raring to go now, she jumped off the stool, instinctively heading toward her room. Not a minute or two later she came out with a red scarf hung securely around her neck.

“Let’s go.”


“C’mon, Tia! Don’t be such a Slowpoke!”

Without waiting for her friend, she was off, rushing out the door. It took Tiramisu half a minute to register what exactly what was going on. Quickly, she grabbed her cloak--pastel blue, it went well with her stripes--and bounded after Basil, her long, plumy tail waving frantically as she attempted to catch up.

….But lo and behold, the vulpin stood outside, ears cocked forward, eyes scanning the passing ‘mon as they headed toward the Avalodge and, subsequently, the activities all three guilds had in store for their members. As a passing Scraggy trudged on by, Tia tapped Basil’s shoulder, effectively reeling her amber gaze from the ‘mon around her.

“You waited for me?”

“Duh. I wasn’t going to leave you behind.”

“Aww. How kind.”

Letting out a snort, Basil marched forward, Tia walking snug-as-a-bug against her flank. The two small ‘mon eventually moved with the crowd. Excited chatter of today’s events rang crystal clear through the vulpin’s ear. By the time they reached the Avalodge, she had heard the entire course of one’s day from about ten or twelve different ‘mon. Whether or not she was annoyed by their….enthusiasm, it was quite contagious, and as Team Quintessence passed under the archway, that small sliver of excitement burst tenfold.

“Okay, so, the fields should be right down this pathway….here!” Tia exclaimed as she pointed to the map. Located near the front entrance to the Avalodge, there was a dirt road that made a straight line to the fields where the single word ‘SPORTS’ was printed beside a soccer ball. Looking up from their map, the two small ‘mon made their way past the rows of tents where vendors sold various goods including arts and crafts, clothes such as scarves and ribbons, and even small treats like cookies and cakes. Basil was immediately drawn to one stand where a Wigglytuff was selling cookies shaped like Pikachus and Pichus, but Tiramisu instinctively, and rather timely, grabbed her partner’s scarf and pulled her back before she could even catch a whiff of the treats.

“You just had a blueberry muffin,” the Pachirisu reminded her friend. The vulpin, however, huffed and begrudgingly padded onward, the cheerful Wigglytuff now gone from sight.

It wasn’t long until Team Quintessence made their way to the playing fields. There were two, and boy were they large. On the left field was a soccer game where several ‘mon kicked around the monochrome-colored ball. A sudden harsh kick from a Scraggy and the ball was hurled into the air. However, the opposing team’s goalie, a Golett, hurriedly caught it before a goal could be made. Pokémon on either of the sidelines cheered or groaned, depending on who they were rooting for.

“Mmm, are you Tiramisu the Pachirisu?” a sudden voice asked from behind. Said ‘mon turned and looked up to see a content-looking Quagsire staring idly off into the distance. Despite his lazy look, it was apparent he was speaking with the two, namely Tiramisu.

“Yessir! Are you….um, Derp?”

“Mm, yep,” came the short reply. Another abrupt cheer from the soccer field caused all three ‘mon on the empty field to look over; a Bagon was jumping up and down with his teammates while the opposing team’s flustered-looking goalie, a Geodude, stared at the ground.

“So, what game are you two playing?” Derp asked casually. Tia and Basil both gave one another a perplexed look. They hadn’t exactly come to a decision yet.

“Weeeeeell, soccer is definitely out of the question! There’s already a game going on!” Tiramisu huffed.

“Football isn’t my thing. Plus, I can’t exactly hold anything,” Basil muttered darkly.

“I guess baseball, racquetball, tennis, and kickball are out of the question?” Tia laughed. Her partner simply flicked her tails in silent agreement.

“Mmm. What about volleyball, mmm? We have a, mmm, sand pit just over yonder, mmm.” The Quagsire explained. He pointed with a flipper to said pit a few feet from where the soccer game was being played. There was a large, sturdy net with one or two volleyballs stationed near either of the poles.

“A volleyball game? Sounds neat! We just need five more players on either side….” Tia sighed.

“Mm, don’t worry.” Derp then slowly walked toward one of the vendors near the sports field. There was a Chatot who was flipping through a magazine with a rather bored expression on her face. Upon Derp’s presence, the Chatot looked up. For a minute or two, the two Pokémon talked until Derp waltzed backed over to Tia and Basil, that lazy, content smile decorating his placid facial canvas.

“Patty will make the announcement now.” And without missing a beat, a shrill voice came over the speaker system.

“ATTENTION~ ATTENTION~ There will be a volleyball game located on the sandpit just south of the soccer field! All wishing to participate please see Team Quintessence. Thank you!”

“You two have, mm, fun now,” Derp then waved and sauntered off, leaving the two to their own devices. Basil, without a word, was the first to move to the sandpit. The vulpin spotted several other ‘mon making their way to the sandpit, ‘mon she did not know. A spark of excitement lit within her like a flame when a lean Monferno was walking toward the volleyball net with a Drilbur. She could just imagine what was in store for them if a Monferno joined.

“Oh wow! There are A LOT of ‘mon coming over here!” Tiramisu noted cheerfully beside Basil. The two paused beside the net while ‘mon of all kinds gathered around them, as if they knew somehow that they were the team Patty had mentioned.

“You’re Team Quintessence, right?” the same Monferno Basil saw had asked.

“Yes we are! And you are….?” Tiramisu cocked her head to the one side.

“Coco, and this is Grounder,” the Monferno replied as she introduced herself and the Drilbur beside her. “Couldn’t help but hear that you two are putting on a volleyball game.”

“Which, by the way, I have no interest in,” Grounder quickly put in. “Sorry, but I’ll watch. Sports have never been my favorite.”

“Fair enough. And you?” Basil turned her amber gaze onto Coco. The Monferno nodded with a grin.

“Count me in!”

Heads turned to spot a Slowpoke slowly making her way over to the group of gathered ‘mon. As she got to the front of the line, she stood up on her back legs, and shook paws with either member of Team Quintessence.

“My name is Merlin, and I’d LOVE to join your game!”

“Cool!” Tia pointed to where Coco stood, indicating that was where to go if one would be joining them. As Merlin left, Basil turned to the Pachirisu, amber eyes narrowed into slits. But she didn’t say anything. Instead, the Vulpix began to scout for more Pokémon to join their team, namely Basil’s team, as she covered the right portion of the group.

By the time the two returned to the net, an entire group of ‘mon, either behind Tiramisu or Basil, stood eagerly awaiting for the game to start.

“Alrighty! I have The Doctor and Sarah Jane, Victor, annnnd Conker, my fellow Pachirisu!” Tiramisu listed off the Furret, Purrloin, Turtwig, and, you guessed it, Pachirisu behind her.

“Yo.” Basil gave them all a brisk nod. “Meet Sprx, Ren, and twins Salim and Selim.” With a flick of her tails, she then showcased a Porygon2, Ponyta, and female and male Meowstic respectively.

“I do believe we have 12 Pokémon, sooooo….I call picking first!” Tia then pointed to The Doctor, Victor, Conker, and Salim. The four followed after her as she joined Merlin on the left side of the pit.

“Team Tiramisu is a go!” the Pachirisu then let out tiny blue sparks of electricity, probably due to pent up excitement. Her partner rolled her eyes but that didn’t stop from a smile tugging at her maw. The vulpin gathered the rest of the Pokémon and headed to the right side of the pit, positioning themselves in some sort of….odd formation.

“Before we start, let’s get one thing straight--we’re playing until someone scores 25 points, one point equally five,” Basil began. “That being said, you only get a point if the ball hits the ground. You’re allowed to use moves, just….nothing that will pop the ball.”

“Right! Good point. To add onto that, no lighting the ball on fire or anything crazy! Try to keep the game fair, but fun!” Tia added. Most of the ‘mon nodded in agreement, some keeping quiet as if to tell the two that they were ready.

“You can go first, if you’d like,” Basil offered her partner. The Electric-type gave the vulpin a quizzical look, but said nothing and grabbed one of the volleyballs, hurrying to the back of the row. She stood small beside The Doctor, the Furret attempting to hide his snickering. No one could really blame him. To the opposing team, all they could see was a volleyball adorned with large, puffy ears and a plumy tail.

“Mind throwing me the ball?” Tiramisu asked Salim politely. The female Meowstic stood in front of her, gleaming ruby-red eyes casting her a mild humorous look. However, she did as the Pachirisu asked, her ear flaps slowly opened and her mystic, psychic power began to levitate the ball high in the air. Suddenly, and perhaps a bit too harshly, the ball aimed toward Tiramisu. But she was ready.

Jumping into the air, she twisted her small, compact body, her long tail colliding with the volleyball which then propelled toward the opposite side of the sandpit. Basil’s outcry alarmed those in the front row; Ren immediately headbutted the ball back to Tiramisu’s side.

“I got it!” Merlin called. Her body began to glow faintly and, mustering all her power into a Strength, she hit the ball back. It aimed directly toward Selim, the poor male Meowstic staring in horror as it charged at his face. Instinctively, and without meaning to, his small, blue paws covered his head and the ball stopped, just mere inches away from his crania; the ball then promptly dropped to the ground.

An annoyed groan came from Basil.

“S-Sorry….” Selim whimpered. Using a weak psychic power, he lifted the ball back toward his sister. Salim sent him a sympathetic glance before tossing the ball back at Tiramisu. She hit it once more with her tail, and it soared through the sky, back over the net, aiming once more at the male Meowstic.

“I don’t think so!” Basil growled and she lunged forward, hitting the ball with her body. It didn’t catch enough air to actually go over the net, and for a split second the vulpin thought that the opposing team would gain another point. However, just as her hopes were diminishing, Sarah swiped at the ball with a Sucker Punch, driving it right into the ground.

“Well done, Sarah!” The Doctor called.

“Thank you, I try,” she replied with an airy laugh.

Shaking the sand from her glossy fur, Basil padded toward the back row, paws itching to serve and show Tiramisu how it was done. Just like her partner, the ball was thrown to her by Coco. Without missing a beat, Basil headbutted the ball over the net. Victor, who was watching with anticipation, headbutted it back. Sprx was right in the way, but she was too busy staring off into space. And before anyone on her team could say something, the ball hit the ground, another cheer erupting from Tiramisu’s side.

“Sprx!” Ren gasped.

“Huh? Oh, sorry!” Said ‘mon quickly apologized. When she went to turn back around, there was an uproar coming from the soccer field. Sprx’s ‘feet’ twirled joyously as she suddenly called out, “Great block, Roark!”

“Sprx! Are you playing volleyball or not?” Ren frowned.

“Sorry, sorry!” The Porygon2 gushed. Focusing his attention back on the volleyball court, she added, “I’m ready!”

The ball was given to The Doctor, the Furret tossing it into the air and smacking it with a paw. For the most part, and much to a certain russet-colored ‘mon’s surprise, the two teams kept a good volley for about a few minutes or two. Victor proved to be better at headbutting the ball than anyone else as everytime he did so, the ball would literally fling itself at the opposing side. However, as quick as lightning, Sprx, who would oftentimes turn her back for a second or two and call out, “Go get ‘em, Roark!”, would charge after the volleyball and successfully manage to return it to the other side.

The score eventually rounded up to 20-20, a tie, with tensions running high on either side. It was Conker’s turn to serve. The average-looking Pachirisu, in comparison to his female counterpart, used a simple Quick Attack to gain momentum and hit the ball over the net. Coco, being the competitive and quick sport she was, aimed for it with a Mach Punch. It was launched over the net once more at Merlin. The not-so-slow Slowpoke went with another Strength.

“Watch out!” Ren called from her position in the middle row. The volleyball landed at her hooves, sand spurring in the frostbitten air, clinging to Sarah’s purple and cream pelt. The Purrloin scrunched her nose in disgust as she began to shake herself off, ignoring the fact that it was game point and that Team Tiramisu won.

“Best. Team. EVER~” the Pachirisu cheered. While her team congratulated one another, Basil let out a defeated sigh and went around to her own team, giving them thanks for their participation in battle.

“Best volleyball game I’ve ever been apart of frankly,” the Vulpix admitted.

“Yeah. We’ll have to do this another time!” Ren chirped.

“But for now, I think I’m going to go. Grounder is probably bored out of his mind right now, and I need to make sure he doesn’t do anything he might regret. But hey, it was nice meeting you.” Coco smiled sincerely before parting ways. Most of the other ‘mon soon left as well, thanking Team Quintessence for a rather lovely, competitive game. Tiramisu and Basil cleaned up the pit after that, both teasing one another for their lack of skills during the game.

“Please, my drive was WAY better than yours!” Basil huffed indignantly.

“You wish!” Tiramisu laughed. They kept poking fun at one another as they left the field, another group of ‘mon taking over for what appeared to be a badminton game. As Team Quintessence emerged from the long, winding path that lead to the fields, they were greeted with a strong, sweet smell of apple cider and pumpkin pie. Basil’s nostrils flared and she hurried over to the table, ignoring whether or not Tiramisu called her back.

“Hello there, sweetie!” the vendor, a Sylveon, chimed. “You hungry? The cider is free, but each pie costs but a coin.”

“Sold.” Handing over a golden coin, Basil took her piece of pie, her Extrasensory holding it in the air as she downed her cider. Tiramisu took a small bite when she wasn’t looking, and rubbed her paw on her chin thoughtfully.

“Mmm. Not bad, not bad!” she nodded. Just as the two were about to sit down, something--or rather, someone--smashed into Basil just as she was about to take a bite of her treat. Her Extrasensory temporarily stopped and, with it, the pie fell to the ground. A cry of anguish left the vulpin’s maw as she spotted her food splayed across the snow-dusted earth.

“I’m so sorry!” Glaring behind her, Basil came face-to-face with a meek-looking Glameow. He looked sincerely apologetic for having just destroyed her meal as the hat that would have adorned his head now rest in his right paw, over his chest.

“Babs! Calm down, please,” Tiramisu’s soft plea came from behind said Pokémon. The vulpin closed her eyes briefly, taking a deep breath, before exhaling a small spout of flames.


“I’ll buy you a new one!” the Glameow went on. Ears perked, Basil stared unbelievingly at him but said nothing. Instead, she hung her head as a Garbodor began to clean up the mess that was made, grumbling about how his job was crappier with each coming day.

“That’s really kind of you, but you don’t--” Tiramisu began when a sudden tap on her head alerted her of the Charmander nearby. The Pachirisu smiled softly before turning back to Basil, patting the Vulpix on the head.

“Sorry, Babs, but I have to go. I’m sure you can work this out, right?”


Turning to the Glameow, Tiramisu added, “If you wouldn’t mind, could you watch her for a bit, or at least until she perks up a little? I, uh, have the feeling she’ll get a bit destructive without anyone watching her.”

“Why of course, Miss!” The Glameow dipped his head. “It is the least I could do.” With Tiramisu waving good-bye, Basil was left with the strange, pie-destroying Glameow.

“Anyways, uh, Babs, was it?” he meowed. Basil didn’t even correct his mistake. “My name is Shimshon, and what I said earlier, well, I meant it. I feel really sorry and--”

“Whatever.” She repeated. “If you’re going to treat me, then do it already.” She didn’t care about formalities or anything; she just wanted her pie.

“Oh. Well, okay!” Suddenly a bit more gleeful, Shimshon padded toward the same Sylveon Basil had bought the pie from.

As he neared, the Fairy-type, already seeming to realize they were coming toward her, called out, “I just sold my last pie, sorry!”


“But,” she paused, “there IS an apple bobbing contest that is giving away a coupon that guarantees a sweet of the winner’s choice made by Miss Ayumi.”


“Yep! I think that Ambipom riiiight over there is hosting it!” The Sylveon then pointed with one of her feelers toward the bipedal purple monkey placing cherry red and leaf green apples into a large bucket of water. Quickly giving thanks to the Sylveon, Shimshon ushered Basil toward the apple bobbing area, as he presumed, where several other Pokémon had gathered.

Upon realizing that there was a crowd growing, the Ambipom balanced himself onto his two large hand-tails, towering over the growing crowd so that he could speak to them all.

“Welcome, welcome!” he chirped. “As you can all see, this is an apple bobbing contest. The first Pokémon who--without using their paws, hands, or Psychic abilities--retrieves the most apples in under three minutes will earn a free apple pie!”

“And what about the coupon?” Basil called from the crowd. The Ambipom stared at her for a good second or so before nodding his head, as if remembering something.

“Oh, yes, the coupon! There is a….special apple within the bucket that, if found, will reward you a special prize: A coupon that, when handed to Miss Ayumi, will grant you a sweet by your choice made by the ambassador herself.”

“Pah. I got this. I’m a Water-type after all,” a Squirtle proudly spoke up beside a Bulbasaur.

“Just you wait because I’m going to win that coupon!” retorted a cheery Blitzle.

No, you’re not. I’M going to win and earn myself another damn pie!’ Basil thought to herself.

“Don’t worry, Babs. If I find that special apple, I’ll give you the coupon,” Shimshon meowed from beside her. For the first time since they met, the vulpin felt thankful for his presence. At least he was going to keep to his promise.

“Alright, folks. Follow me.” The Ambipom gathered everyone around the large bucket of ice-cold water. There were maybe five or sixe apples that broke the surface; the Normal-type vendor told them not to go for those as it wouldn’t truly be a challenge.

“Remember, you have three minutes! I want all hands behind your back or on the ground, no Psychic-type attacks, no electrocuting the water,” the Ambipom stopped to look at the Blitzle who couldn’t keep still, “and no fighting underwater. And have a good time!”

“Ready, Babs?” Basil felt her fur prickle with anticipation as she leaned over the bucket, her dark amber eyes staring at her milky reflection in the icy water. Shimshon, who sat on her right, didn’t look all that too thrilled to get his fur wet; not that Basil could blame him, seeing that she hated water herself (she was a Fire-type after all).

“On your marks.”

This was it.

“Get set.”

She got this.


Nope. The ripples from the sudden disturbance in the water distorted Basil’s imagine. As much as she wanted to win the coupon, she couldn’t force herself to bend her head and dip it into the frozen hell.

Just as she thought about turning away, Shimshon, who was among the ‘mon that, in unison, began to bob, lifted his head with a green apple secured in his sharp fangs. He spit it onto the ground before turning to Basil, his face fur fluffed up, the ends of his white whiskers forming small beads of water on them.

“Babs?” he cocked her head to the side, a humorous glint in his sky blue eyes. “You’re not going to chicken out on me, are you?”

Well yeah, she was, but….


“No.” She wanted that coupon. She needed that coupon, even if it was the last thing she ever did. Turning back to the Glameow, she smirked and whispered, “See you down under.” There wasn’t a second to register what she meant before she bent over the bucket and stuck her head into the icy water.

Boy did that hurt.

It felt like a thousand needles were pricking her face all at once. Her tails curled, her claws dug into the side of the large wooden bucket, and yet she would not budge knowing full well that her body was screaming at her to do so. But, gradually, the water got less and less cold as she got used to it; that and she was concentrating all of the heat in her body, into her face.

Another disturbance in the water and Shimshon’s head appeared. The suave cat nabbed another apple--this time a cherry red one--before resurfacing. Basil heard muffled sounds above before more splashes came from all around her. It seemed as if the other contestants were reeling in apples as well.

Focus, focus! Nothing stands between you and food!

Luckily for her, as her lungs were starting to ache from the lack of air intake, an apple floated near her maw. Quick as an Accelgor, Basil sunk her teeth into the side and hauled it out, the apple hitting the ground with a soft ‘thud’ as she breathed in sharply.

Her face was on fire, so to speak. The tiny needle pricks were back and, this time, a gush of wind followed. To say she was freezing was an understatement. But she had to go back under otherwise the coupon wouldn’t be hers. So, taking another deep breath, ignoring the gasps of air from the other ‘mon, Basil dipped her head back in and sought for more; something better, something special that screamed coupon-winning.

And then she saw it. Golden, big….and right in front of her face. But it was an inch or so out of her reach, and Basil had to lean forward to reach it. However, nothing went as planned as, suddenly, she felt weightless. Even more needles pricked at her and this time it was all over her body.

She had fallen in.

Forgetting the apple, Basil attempted to escape her frozen hell by swimming toward the top, but she didn’t know how to swim and so flailed about, sinking to the bottom of the large bucket.

For Arceus’ sake, how big WAS this thing?

Suddenly, though, something sharp bit into the scruff of her neck, and she was then pulled from the clutches of the icy water and splayed onto the ground. That wind was even harsher now as she lay frozen on the ground. Many shadows befell her as the ‘mon had circled her.

“Babs! Babs, are you alright?” she could hear Shimshon’s worried meow.

“She needs something warm--”

“N-no, I-I’m f-f-f-fine,” she managed to stutter out. Slowly rising from the circle, Basil sat huddled near the ground, relishing the little warmth that came from the gathered ‘mon.

“Babs, are you okay?” Shimshon asked again.

“Y-Yeah.” She took a deep breath. “But my scarf….” she looked down at her prized treasure; it was cold, wet, but it looked to be okay. The ‘mon around her seemed to breathe in relief.

“Well, anyways, the three minutes is up,” the Ambipom went on. “Did anyone catch anything special?”

“Does a Vulpix count?” a Meowth snickered. There was a ripple of laughter that proceeded.

“Har har.” Basil mumbled. But she was curious; did anyone fetch the golden apple?

“Um, well, actually…..” the soft voice of an Eevee came from beside the Bulbasaur. Everyone turned to look as the small Normal-type rolled out a gold apple.

“Congratulations Miss….?”

“Evelyn,” came the soft reply.

“Miss Evelyn! You have won the special coupon! Turn it into Miss Ayumi in the Avalodge and she’ll see to it at once.” There was a small round of applause for the Eevee as she gracefully, and graciously, accepted the coupon. And just like that, the group of ‘mon dispersed, the rest of their day lying ahead.

Shimshon stayed behind with Basil, not surprisingly, as he helped her away from the apple bobbing vendor. He looked extremely upset.

“I apologize for not--”

“Save it,” she sighed. “It’s cool. I can just….ask Tia to make me one instead.” Or buy one, but she wasn’t going to waste any more money here.

“Oh.” He still seemed crestfallen about the whole ordeal. “Are you still cold?”

“Yeah.” Her paws stung with each step she took, and her fur was even more unkempt than usual. The sun was slowly dipping behind the evergreens that towered above the Avalodge itself, and so the warmth that went with it was slowly fading as well.

“I hear there is a bonfire down by the lake as soon as the sun goes down. Perhaps we could could join the other ‘mon and listen as they spin tales of mystery, romance, and horror in the comfort of a warm, crackling fire?”

Basil paused and stared at him in confusion. That did sound nice, but….did he really say we?

“Um. We? Like, you and I? Together? What about your partner?” There was no way he had to be on a team by himself; she couldn’t see it.

“Huh? Oh, Irma will be fine. I forgot what she said she’d be doing, but I’m sure she won’t miss me. Besides, I can’t let you sit all by your lonesome self.” He cracked a grin. Instead of saying anything, Basil shook her head and padded onward, her cheeky companion walking in sync with her. She could only imagine what was in store for her.
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Team Temporal Travelers & Team Mystic | DuskLugia
Team Rodent | starexploderkitty14 
Team Escapade | Tanglecolors
Team Exploiting the Dawn | Dracyor

{ special cameos }
- Random Pokémon that are non-canon teams but are, in fact, actual Pokémon (party members) from the XY games or just random Pokémon.
Salim and Selim, twin Meowstics | blue--ribbons 
Clubs (Scraggy) and Bubs (Bagon) | StormCharmander 
Derp the Quagsire | N/A
Patty the Chatot | N/A 

{ credits }
Pokémon © Nintendo, Game Freak
Team Quintessence © blue--ribbons and StormCharmander

Frosty Festival, Avalodge, Ambassador Ayumi 
© :iconpmdunity:
© 2014 - 2022 blue--ribbons
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Darn I'm so late in commenting on this :noes: Sorry for taking forever

Awesome story :3 Everyone seemed to be having fun, and thanks a ton for including my guys :la: