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Blu Draak Apatiko
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States Minor Outlying Islands
Heya, the name's Blu.
Just your generic video game development artist hopeful.
I'm not that good, but if someone enjoys something of mines, I'll be satisfied :D

Other Websites

On /vp/, just see if I'm in a drawthread and give your request a go. Even if I don't go for it, there's a bunch of Drawfriends that could do it for you!
Here on DA it's random, I'll usually throw up a journal for it.

Art Trades:
Closed for now, need to get my own stuff done first!

>Implying anyone would pay for my art.
One more level up, and WOWIE ZOWIE has a lot of stuff happened this past year.

Added an awesome cast of peeps to my character roster!
I’ve had so much fun drawing, developing, and developing Flayra since her creation a bit over a year ago, and if I’m not mistaken, has taken second place to my own fursona in the number of drawings I’ve done over all my characters, and also in the amount of art from other people I’ve received! Everytime I saw someone draw her, it turned up my cold dead heart up a degree or two due to how happy I got. In fact my desktop wallpaper still cycles through a folder of those piccies to this day, to remind me WHAT I’M FIGHTING FORRRRRR!

Theres Ysuffie, my chubby glowy fluffbutt Fennec, who single bellydly is the reason I’m getting to practice the bigger all round gals in my doodles, and has leveled up my affinity for them further than it was as well. I’ve also always wanted to make a bioluminescent character, AND a relatively tsundere girl, so I cherish her for that, too!

I’ve finally been introduced to my waifumon, Delphox, even though I’ve been immersed in the series since it’s debut here in the 90s back when I was but a whelp in elementary school. I was always wondering, with everyone else finding their own wiffle, when mines will hit me. She did, and I am grateful for it. Even spawning two of my own Delphox OCs: Crescera, and the other who you must unlock by progressing farther in the story! With their shenanigans, they’ve helped me experiment in drawing other, more fantastical things that I’ve always wanted to try. They have been integral to me on that front, and that deserves some yays!

I’ve finished a few piccies, and doodled A LOT more, that, even with their flaws, I still am quite proud with their turnout. Each one is a bundle of delicious artistic XP, that levels me further and further in my lifelong quest to draw without getting killed by stampeding hamsters!

I found a 20 dollar bill in a pants pocket after I washed my clothes one day. I’d say that’s probably the highlight, and if not it’s damn close.

But most important of all, are the times I’ve been spending together with :iconthecephei: and :iconvant-talon:

All these years of drawing, I’ve never really had a real… for lack of a better word, purpose. I was just drawing, and then I just drew something else. I the first real goal I made for myself as an artist when I became a drawfag for /b/, had a brief time in /dw/, and then /vp/, taking requests and even having my own succesful threads a few times. It was great, my speed received a bunch of stats, due to the quick imageboard system of posts. From that I set a very basic goal, I wanna get less shitty so I can draw less shitty looking things for people!

Very low standards for a goal, but that’s how I’ve avoided disappointment and sadness in my life, by setting many smaller goals I can accomplish instead of a huge one I have the potential to mess up and get sad over, lol. It’s worked so far, anyways. :3

But even then, the overarching thing was the same, draw something for someone, then draw something else for someone else. The improvements were slowing down, and other drawfriends improved immensely. Looking around, I was like dayum, I do not belong here, everyone got way better by miles, and I was there when they were nervously posting their first doodles to fufill an Anons request. I effectively kicked myself out of those communities, ‘cuz of that feeling. Then wandered randomly again.

But one day, :iconthecephei: had an idea. “HEY Blu, wanna join me? I wanna draw some sexy grillz, we could make a Tumblr for it and post stuff there, just make a sexy character or something so we can draw them together doing random things. And use it as practice so we can get better at drawing!” I was like oh sure, why not, I wanted to make a new character anyways! And so I made Flayra, with the general shape I dig. So I can ALWAYS enjoy drawing her, lol.
Vector Vixens was born, and I was having fun drawing something for myself, while at the same time drawing for other people to enjoy!

Then one day I noticed :iconvant-talon: was having his birthday, so I drew a Vanita for him, since I liked the character. I didn’t really expect anything, just wanted to draw a little giftie for him. A week later, he approached me and started chatting with me, and we became friends. Me and Ceph decided to ask 'em if he wanted to join us in drawing the sekushi animal girls, since we all seem to be a fan of them, lol.

We’ve been through a bit of things together, and Vant himself decided he wanted to truly learn to become a better artist. The things he’s accomplished and how vastly he’s improved so far since his declaration, and being there with Cephei to assist and witness all of this artistic growth between all three of us, has reawakened the same feeling I had when I was drawing for /vp/ and improving every day.

********** I no longer want to be less shitty, I want to get good. **********

Without these two, I would STILL be just a wandering artist with no real purpose. These guys gave me one, and that’s a really awesome thing to have.
A real reason to get better…
Close friends to be there with me every step of the way
And copious amounts of very sexy and VERY shapely animal women.
What more could I possibly ask for?

Sorry for the life story, I barely write anything every year so I figured it should be nice and stuffed for you guys.

Here’s to another year of busty dragons, chubby fennecs, and lewd Pokémon! Nothing could possibly beat that!

I dunno though, finding that twenty in the pants WAS pretty hype though.
  • Listening to: Furcast
  • Reading: What the hells a reading?
  • Watching: Nothing
  • Playing: Final Fantasy XIV, Killing Floor 2, CoD:BO III
  • Eating: Edibles
  • Drinking: Drinkables




:iconvant-talon: has been looking forward to a sushi buffet for the past few months.
Now they're going to one for their birfdey, and this is what I picture will be happening, lol.

Grats on the level, brudda~
Sleepy Deepy
N-no... please... don't go... ice cream...

I need to draw more Flayra!
I also need to practice more poses that aren't standing up and such, this is hopefully a part of that!

Also what's the point of buying pillows when you have built in ones you can use instead? :3

Slightly hornier version found on the Effay!
Same but Different
"Wherever you left me off is pretty much where I'm at"

A line I use whenever I meet old high school friends after a few months or years, lol.

There was meme going on in Twitter to re-post the first drawing of ones fursona and comparing it to a new one to see how much they've changed, and I felt like doing it!

I am quite connected to my 'sona spiritually, I made them back when I was 13 to represent what I wanted to be, in terms of personality and mentality.
Laid-back, collected, and humorous even in the most serious situations. In order to always be able to try and help the people they care about at full capacity.

In emulating my 'sona throughout the years, eventually the two became one.
I don't really refer to Blu as my 'sona or my character, it's just myself :3

My choice in clothes hasn't changed either, always wearing the button up shirts opened with a t-shirt underneath when I go out, maybe one day I'll get a new fashion sense, but today is not the day.

Just a fun thing to do, and I do need to draw myself more!

See ya next time!
Krini by the Candlelight
Come, sit~


Did a trade with :iconstripey-wiggle: ! Here's one of his gals Navora!

Haven't done a trade in years, and haven't uploaded to this account in over 2 months, wowie I am good at this online artist thing! X3

This was fun fun! I need to get my ass into gear already!
Lets make the next upload in less than one month! Low goalpost!


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