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Adoptable Rules Update 2018!

All of my Adopts are Trade or Gift Only.

You do not need to notify me if:
You trade a gijinka
You modifiy it
You gift it to someone
You cosplay it (but I'd like to see it!)

Adopt Precautions:

Please back up your files:
While I will always be willing to take a look in my st.ash for your file, please take the precaution and back up your own files.
Older adopts from 2014 may be impossible for me to find and I am not obligated to refund you if I can't find your files. Please back up your files!

Please watermark your adopt if you plan to upload them publicly anywhere.

The watermark must cover a large part of the adopt so that it can't be photoshopped out. Don't rely on the toyhouse/DA watermark.

It's not advised to upload full sized versions of the images publicly.
If you want to commission someone simply send them the full size privately.
People will still repost images that are watermarked, but are less likely to upload small lower quality images.

For flash Adopts
Flash adopts are announced via poll, and sometimes journal.

All flash adopts are up for grabs until they are officially paid for!
"*Claimed, waiting for payment" Status means that an offer was accepted, but it isn't officially gone. Pms are still accepted!
"**Claimed**" status means it's officially gone!
AFK users will forfeit their claim to the next person after 30 minutes, unless its stated beforehand they need time to send the payment.

Voucher Rules (Coming soon)






Q. Do you accept points for anything?
A. No, sorry ;v; only paypal atm.

Q. Would you do an Art Trade?
A. Only if say i'm open for them or ask you directly.

Q. Do you do gift art/requests?
A. When i feel up to it. Suggestions are welcome.

Q. Can we cosplay something you've made?
A. 90% of the time I would say yes, but you should ask me permission first. Especially if it's something that's from an auction or an adopt set. If it's just regular art I made then it's a high chance i'll say yes. Please tag me or send me pics if you do! :D

Q. Can we draw fanart of your gijinkas?
A. As long as it's ones I own, go for it!

Q. What program do you use?
A. I use SAI and PS, and I use a wacom intous pro.

Q. Where are the commission forms?
A. Normal Commissions are Here
Custom pokemon are Here

Feel free to submit something, when I am open I will choose from the forms!




Status: Commission Mode
Update 13:
Back on commissions

Thank you for your patience!

Only paid commissions are shown, all non-paid artwork will be completed either during, or after the commission queue is completed! Thanks so much for your patience!

Double bullets mean your commission is almost complete!
✦2018 Commission Queue✦
:bulletblue: DeathEaterkaito


What do you think of the new pokemon information? 

155 deviants said AWESOME
73 deviants said OLIVIA THO
34 deviants said Meh
33 deviants said Illmia <3


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H0meWreck Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2018
Hey dude/dudette! There's this kisekae-user that is running around claiming one of your designs as an OC of theirs?

Mina The Snorlax by CuteLittleLiar88   I honestly just found them looking around on DA lol.

I called them out for it. Guess it's what happens when you're the second result in Google for 'snorlax gijinka' 

Have a good day, bruh! Miku and Luka (Brofist) [V1] 
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Flagged as Spam
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Ace-Of-Shadow Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2018
Hello <3 I'm super sorry for this annoying question but would you consider creating a trade center ? I know tons of people (including me Eyes)  seek your designs so I was just wondering since there's no real way to see uft characters not posted to TH/to a journal// although it is probably a pain to administrate and keep an eye on, let alone all the comment notifs- 

Feel absolutely free to ignore this random question and keep up the wonderful work <3 
(1 Reply)
feather--weather Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2018
Man I missed the latest batch rip.

Anyways! You're going to Otakon! Are you tabling or...?
(1 Reply)
Vader2222 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2018
Question, are you god? Is this what perfection looks like?
(1 Reply)
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