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Tug SW


Name: Taijus ‘Tug’ T’pite

Race: Zygerrian

25 by Late Clone Wars Era

Height: 5’5

She / Her

Specialty: All sorts of guns (best at sniping), Hand-to-Hand combat, espionage, barely talking

Battle Style: Attacks from afar with sniper weapons, unless caught in a close battle. Will normally use brute force like lifting techniques in melee.

Tug is a bounty hunter/ bodyguard that works under the gang leader, Rhodo Croseit. She specializes in many forms of weaponry. She's quiet most of the time without speaking much besides to her leader, who she is incredibly loyal to. 
OOOOHH SHE BACK ON HER SHIT AGAIN !!! It's ya girl and she's still loyal as hell to Rhodo even in this universe. I think I'm just gonna keep bringing her to all my new fandoms because who could not love this edgelord.
Tug in D&D
Original Gem Tug
Rhodo (mentioned) belongs to :icondeer-head: (binch)
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Looking friggin awesome! I actually wanna see a zygerrian as a sith assassin or...even more risky...a jedi XD
Don't know why, just something I thought of a while back XD
I'm actually working on a story and one of the protagonists is a female force sensitive zygerrian.
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Glad to see some zygerrians. They’re cool
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Whenever I see my daughter I begin to cry.
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What a neat character design! I love her outfit and expression.
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Thank you so much!! 
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Damn she looks like she's gonna wreck some shit.
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My very strong, very ready-to-kick-some-ass child is always a inspiration
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