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Once upon a time DA was a community. Now it's just vacant rooms of dark place (as the title of one of my works) nobody cares, nobody listens and pays a damns rats ass attention to your screamings top of lungs. Let's see we get used to the change and be fine or find another way for audience. But this is the only place for resources.  Hope some miracle happens and bring back the old charm of this site.
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I totally agree with you and Mel, but it's still very good art here, many friends are still here and you can still have a good time here if you want. I really hope many things will improuve with time and indeed this change of dA killed it's charm... We will see...

Send you a hug, my dear Laxmi and I hope all the best to you.:hug:

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I really wish your words come true and realizes what a mistake it was :) :heart:

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It's very good that we are together:) :tighthug:

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Yes, that's good enough :hug:

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I suspect the reason for the dramatic change is many fold:

The physical changes to dA; how it looks and how it works + features (such as birthdays and advisories that have gone missing) are many and (with a few exceptions) make using dA more complex / time consuming... Some have taken to it reasonably well - some have not and some have up and gone from here - and are greatly missed.

Then there is this pandemic and all the multiple issues (physical, mental, emotional and financial) that have come with it and (in most cases) are still with us - and have not been well handled by governments (with a few exceptions) nor by people - however the pandemic is affecting them individually.

And to add to all of the above - there are some huge political turmoils going on around the world (and I know from your FB posts of your own position) which is further adding to peoples uncertainties and fears for the future...

And there is more (much more) but enough.....

Many people have limited time and energy... Some just want to see a few pretty pictures and go... Some do not want to comment - and then get into "arguments" with others who not only think otherwise, but feel it is their right to offend, insult or even threaten those they disagree with... Yes, I've seen this many times on dA as well as FB - and I (and many others) have had to report and block people and "trolls"...

In my opinion, dA has lost its way!! Members are coping (or not) as best they can with what they've got.... If things get "better" down the line who knows - I hope so, but I am not holding my breath... :hug:

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Wow, you read my mind? Or it's on everyone's mind.. I suspected the same what you have stated. The pandemic and politics have exhausted people. It's too much to ask them to cope up, they need time and luck. You have said everything I can not put it better than you but I never know people threaten and enjoy insulting? I'm just feeling like you holding my breath like we're in Titanic ship.. waiting and hoping... I read your journal..Mal you have brilliant insight and I'm lucky to have met you, Teresa, Celina etc..pure Jewels. I can never imagine give up on you all.. you're all part of my life. I always wanted to say this but lately things are keeping people apart from obvious reasons as you explained..lots of love :hug:
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