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Ladies and gentlemen hear, hear! (I wouldn't call you deviants)

I call to your attention...

Oh, it's just that I decorated my profile :woohoo: I am getting grip on this eclipse :rofl:

Y'all remember how frustrated and desperate I was? :giggle:

God, I thought I lost fun features of old DA but, it has custom featuring of my works in classic style I wish to show are better than before. Also the important donation pool.

The big relief is having choice to remove posting comments on my front page.

I rejoice if you could say your opinion on my works or like them than just mechanically thanking me for faving.

I still have a lot to figure out in this new feature.

How you all doing? The pandemic is still here after 7 months, I'm beginning to get little annoyed staying indoors. The major reason staying home is rains not the virus, I would take important precautions and have gone out with one friend at least but rains have been non stop. We going to have 2nd summer in October after that winter :phew:

That is all for now....

Please stay in touch and thank you a zillion for featuring my arts in your journals!! Hope I too make time for features, it has been really long time.

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I'm glad that you started to get friend with eclipse, sweet Laxmi and also glad that you are okay during these complicated days.:):hug: :heart:

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Yes honey :hug: even if few features I miss, I love DA! :huggle:

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I know, sweet Laxmi and I love you too!:tighthug:

Thank you for everything.:heart:

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Hey ma dearest friend Mal :hug: :thanks: