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I just commented on an BW-photo where a woman is naked. I have many nude art if you search through my gallery and I'm willing to do more. But every morning when we wake up we gotta debate on what is nudity and what is being perverse. Some don't want to caught up in arguments. So, they put a blind eye and go on with their day.

For a photomanipulation many times artist don't plan. while idly browsing around they come across a photo, sparks interest and there happens a great start. They don't know how many days it takes and how many hours in a day in could take and how far it can take but every second is worth in the end. That is true spirit. It's not surprise if an image inspires author to write a great story and the viewer who may not be a serious reader yet he can

read the picture.

Be it a photography, traditional art, digital art or a photomanipulation, an image tells a story or it should tell a story. Even for a beginner the colors may not blend and features may need lot work, yet, the viewer can imagine what the artist is trying to tell in their art.

I used to discuss with friends who left the DA even before eclipse, many told me the same thing that their zeal died watching all the filth around in this site. They moved onto other options. Classic lovers have become rare.

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It is always easier to criticize than to do, alas. And there are always more mediocre works than outstanding ones. But is this normal because it has always been this way? Diamonds have always had to find among the thousands and millions of mediocre works.

"But every morning when we wake up we gotta debate on what is nudity and what is being perverse. "

Personally, I just ignore what I don't like. Why discuss this? I also love art with nudity and look for special, inspiring pieces. And there are also things that I ignore because I consider it a perversion, such as violence. But it's not a problem? :)

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I believe it is most important to discuss. Everybody keeping silent and ignoring doesn't help anyway. This way at least I could wrap my head around...may be..

And about problem, yes, it is hurts people who have tendency to think.

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Your opinion has a right to be.

But bad art does not offend me - it bothers me and distracts me, but I don’t want to dig and argue with bad and unsuccessful ones.

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Yes, I write journals that is why....hoping even if one comes around my journal some sense kicks into them. :shrug:

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