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hey guys !

guess who broke their phone !!

its me

I have a backup but it’s old & crusty & frustrating as hell to work with. I’m handing in my laptop tomorrow as well. I can’t guarantee how my activity will look this summer (if i’m active at all) but i’ll prob still be commenting and POSSIBLY hanging around discord.

SO in the worse case scenario… see yall in August

edit: i'll still be ATTEMPTING to participate in SA's chapter on my shitty phone. this will end well.

Out of town on a study trip for the next five (5) days! I won't be replying/posting or anything in that time.

Once I’m back, I’ll (hopefully) be hitting yall w a little non-SA related art that I’ve been hoarding in the basement.


yo i'm blub, let's chat

Help me out w some Starborn-Alignment plotting.

You can honestly throw any idea at me - below are just some suggestions!
If we've already plotted or rped & u wanna do some more, that's a-okay. It's 100% up to u whether we should rp or just talk and make connections/future plans. 

SA: Jemin | Serora | The Folk by Blubber-Bun

Jemin | Serora | The Folk | 32 | He/him

Snarky. Complete scum. Dishonest, disloyal, disenchanted. Laughs at his own jokes. 

What he do:

'Settling down' to become Sedo’s worst farmer after a tumultuous decade of questionable decisionsJemin has been a bit of everywhere and experienced a bit of everythingSerora’s exploitable legal system has left him largely off the hook but he’s as much a conman and public enemy as ever. Looking for repentance, or maybe just a soul. Plays a mean violin.

What he need:

“Friends” and/or frenemies. People who can tolerate him. People who can take his shit. People who appreciate music. Drinking buds, enablers or someone responsible to keep him alive.  
Jemin has an expansive, socially and politically active family (father’s side), so your character likely knows some of his relatives - awkward ‘family friends’ and childhood buds are def possible. 
Enemies. Yes please - he needs more of these. Can range anywhere from petty rivalries and name-calling to downright ‘we want each other dead’. Someone he’s rubbed the wrong way (probably insulted your mother or something of the like) or swindled/backstabbed in the past. He likes messing with anyone & everyone, but he especially picks on Furies/Skirmishers since they’ve ruined his fun before. 
Lovers? Anyone in their late-twenties to thirties is fair game - he’s got 0 standards. Not looking for a serious relationship atm, he mostly has casual flings, but past exes are possible.  

Nichola | Breim| Outsider | 17 | She/her

Stubborn. Annoyingly perceptive. Brutally honest. Privileged and ambitious - a little too smart for her own good.

What she do

Nichola is an Aodhian brat & ur resident rich kid millennialstudying in the polarized society of BreimA member of House Soleil, she lives in Nariah but previously resided in Hearthstone Palace. Due to controversy she was recently pressured from Nariah's University and is in the process of emotional recovery – so no, she is Not Happy.

What she need:

Familial Connections and/or Aodh elite; siblings (fellow devilspawn) & other palace goers. Since childhood she's been pestering the shit out of advisers, envoys and nobles – if someone took her under their wing for a bit, she would be FOREVER thrilled. 

FriendsFrom both Aodh and Breim! She needs some teens to gossip w/ and some old people to idolize.  
Rivals – specifically from Breim. She's high-strung & always ready to fight (come @ her, old gens), often coming off as rude due to her bluntness. Some people likely find her annoying – others are probably VERY suspicious & displeased by her presence in their herd. 

WORK. Please please please she needs money for ice teas. While she could easily run to mommy for some $$$ (and does, to some extent), she has opted to take a job after the university fallout to slowly regain Breim's trust. She can work for ur character if they have a shop or a business or if they need an assistant of some sort etc.  

Neither of these jerks interests you? I've got a Talorian and a Vagabond Ranger in the works as well - I'll update this journal as they're added, but you can CERTAINLY ask about them if u wanna plot. 

You can def hmu here, note me or find me on the discord server!