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Thank you by Blu-B3rry Thank you :iconblu-b3rry:Blu-B3rry 7 3 Markimoo by Blu-B3rry Markimoo :iconblu-b3rry:Blu-B3rry 27 2 Bubbles by Blu-B3rry Bubbles :iconblu-b3rry:Blu-B3rry 4 4 Wheres The Blacksmith by Blu-B3rry Wheres The Blacksmith :iconblu-b3rry:Blu-B3rry 3 4 Chloe Connery (Request) by Blu-B3rry Chloe Connery (Request) :iconblu-b3rry:Blu-B3rry 4 0 SCP-076 (Request) by Blu-B3rry SCP-076 (Request) :iconblu-b3rry:Blu-B3rry 4 2 Monster Tom Chibi by Blu-B3rry Monster Tom Chibi :iconblu-b3rry:Blu-B3rry 7 2 Nikki Portrait (art trade) by Blu-B3rry Nikki Portrait (art trade) :iconblu-b3rry:Blu-B3rry 2 2 Hi, my name is S34N.  by Blu-B3rry Hi, my name is S34N. :iconblu-b3rry:Blu-B3rry 64 18 Riven Character Sheet by Blu-B3rry Riven Character Sheet :iconblu-b3rry:Blu-B3rry 3 0 Weird Bird Facts by Blu-B3rry Weird Bird Facts :iconblu-b3rry:Blu-B3rry 1 0 Marvin Magic by Blu-B3rry Marvin Magic :iconblu-b3rry:Blu-B3rry 30 2 Davpetasprite^2 and Jade kiss by Blu-B3rry Davpetasprite^2 and Jade kiss :iconblu-b3rry:Blu-B3rry 6 1 Request - Persona Tea by Blu-B3rry Request - Persona Tea :iconblu-b3rry:Blu-B3rry 2 11 Septic Saver Sketches by Blu-B3rry Septic Saver Sketches :iconblu-b3rry:Blu-B3rry 18 1 We'll Fix This - Jacksepticeye by Blu-B3rry We'll Fix This - Jacksepticeye :iconblu-b3rry:Blu-B3rry 15 2



Thank you
This is kind of a face reveal? It’s more of a drawing of me, something I normally don’t like to do, but I guess now you all have a face to put with the art hmm? This was originally meant to be done for 25 people but I ended up holding it off. So thanks for all 43 of you guys!

You are all amazing!!! I’ve been able to make great relationships from people at the very beginning, like my friend Hopelessly-Dreaming , to being able to trade and receive amazing art like that from NikkiPikkiPencils and TheNewAuraGuardian . You don’t know how awesome you all are and how happy this makes me. Thank you.

Hopelessly-Dreaming TheNewAuraGuardian NikkiPikkiPencils
So I got bored and realized I haven’t done a drawing of Mark in a long while. So while listening to some of his letsplays in the background I think I drew up something relatively old. I do apologize bout the shading, I’m still learning! :D Ths was also one of the title drawings I figured Hopelessly-Dreaming would like to use. If not, totally understandable! Hope everyone enjoys either way!
Did a small doodle while listening to some Stranger things in the background. This is mostly to help me with backgrounds and landscapes! Constructive Criticism is appreciated!
Wheres The Blacksmith
So this is some lovely fan art I do for the amazing Pine Nut on Quotev. She made a wonderful story called Where’s The Blacksmith and I couldn’t resist making some pics from it. This was mostly for my friend, so all I can ask from you guys is that you go check it out!
Chloe Connery (Request)
A request for Prentis-65! Their character Chloe Connery. I must say it’s awfully weird drawing this 2 days before he Fourth of July but oh well! XD
Do you guys ever just have a bad day? Like a really REALLY bad day.

Like you start out stressed, be it school or work, and you slowly trudge through the day working yourself out. Fixing everything smoothing all the edges. You find yourself in a good place and nothing can break you. Then suddenly you’re ripped out of that place and back into reality. That small break of love and silence is taken by more stress being added on. You have to sigh and nod and listen o people go on about your life. Do you guys ever have to sit in bed wondering what is actually
going on in your life? Or just plain stressing over what does need to be fixed? Have you guys ever just sat in the silence of your room except this is bad silence that makes you think more and more about things you need to do and how little time you have to do them? Do you guys ever fix that mood? Can you fix it?


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Nora Valkyrie
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I love fantasy! I play a bunch of games and read a bunch of books and am basically a nerd. I love to write and doodle from time to time! I live in a big family so I'm used to being super loud if you met me in public. Most of this channel is just going to be fanart for various games and for youtubers.


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this is how I enter my house
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Sorry I hadn't watched you sooner, but thank you so much for the watch in return!! <33
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Definitely you deserve it!!!
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Happy birthday~! I hope you have many more years of awesomeness! Trying to remember if it was your sister or someone else's who promised to draw my rat furry OC. Wanted to check on the progress made on that. 
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Hii friend..
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