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The first groups went live in September, 2009; almost 4 years ago. It was a long-anticipated feature and the general response was mostly positive. Better ways to promote yourself, finding like-minded, appreciating folders full of awesome deviations... the list goes on.

For a couple years, I've been involved in groups. From watcher up to founder. Throughout these years, some things have made me question the righteousness of the existence of groups. I'll try to give a few insights on them from different perspectives.

In a poll, I once asked how many people are member of groups:…
The outcome was pretty clear: the giant majority is member of at least one group. The reasons to join a group are manifold. But that's not the point.
Being a member of some of the largest groups on dA puts you into the position to present your artwork to an unfathomably large audience (assuming it gets accepted). However, will the public really look at your work? Personally, I find it extremely tiring to get flooded with 300+ deviations each day. The question is: do you actually look at each work that is being submitted to a 30,000 people strong group? Possibly even multiplying it by several large groups you follow. Isn't it just more tempting to ignore the deviations in your message-center completely?

In case you have at least one group that you administrate, you have probably seen them. The submissions that make you question everything. What was this person smoking while slapping that image together? Why can't he/she pay attention to submitting to the right folder? Did he/she actually look at what this group is about?
Declining is usually the only way to go. Some accept the rejection more or less silently while others go on a giant shitstorm elevating themselves to the greatest "artist" the world has ever seen.
I've seen it so many times, it's not even remotely funny anymore. It just makes me think that numerous people don't give a thing about anything; as long as they potentially increase their exposure. Submitting an image to 5 groups? Well, okay. 10? Borderline. 150? No comment.

From a more personal point of view, I think that groups started out as a great idea but over time, they've lost this "special something". The submitter doesn't really get noticed because the watchers/members don't look at others' works anymore. Some might disagree harshly but those usually represent a minority. People are mostly lazy...

What is your opinion? Are you an avid lover of groups or do you wish they were never created at all? Post your thoughts down here!
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In case you were wondering...

Journal Entry: Sat May 19, 2012, 10:47 AM

...nope, I'm still not fully dead. Just a little bit. Coursework has gotten quite rough lately.

Seems like I got here in the right moment to finally get rid off that CamelCase-spelling of my username. Personally, I think this is the chance to celebrate, which I'd like to do with a little journal-feature for my watchers. Seeing that my premium-membership runs out very soon (once again, thank you, kirz, for the generosity of donating it to me), I want to collect a few thumbs from my watchers to display here before I can't do this anymore. Means: comment here with a link to your best picture and I'll place it in my next journal which I'm going to write up about 3 days or so from the time this one here is posted :)

Sounds good? Well, then, bring it on! :D


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Merry Christmas!

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 26, 2011, 4:14 AM

Well, you know, the obligatory MERRY CHRISTMAS-journal :p

Been visiting my grandparents over Christmas, hence I was a little dead the past few days. So, anyways, I wish ya'll a Merry Christmas! Hope you have (had) an awesome time, whether with family, friends, or something completely different!
Also, did you get any (awesome) presents? :)

And, while I'm at it, I wish you a Happy New Year as well. May 2012 become better than 2011. Have you made up any New Year's resolutions?


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Journal Entry: Fri Oct 28, 2011, 11:24 AM

So much ranting and whatnot about a few changes to dA's site-structure :p

In case you've been living under a rock for the past 24h, they finally made the journals deviation-like, a thing they have actually announced quite a few months ago. Not that I'd really mind, but, haha, I just like to lean back and enjoy the rage taking place :popcorn:

Haven't seen that much anger since the introduction of dA v7 :D

What are your opinions on this change? Was it necessary at all? Or do you, like me, just enjoy all this ranting taking place? Post your position! :)


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Day #7670

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 9, 2011, 8:49 AM

...or: 21 years and 0 days since October 8th, 1990. Yeah, so, I celebrated my 21st birthday yesterday which turned out to be pretty awesome. Loads of caek :p

Thank you for all the birthday-wishes, I really appreciate them! As some sort of "Thank You", I felt so free to do a wallpaper (to be more precise, dual-screen-wallpaper), be sure to check it out :)

Also, I got some great presents; among them are a tripod, a camera bag, and a flash. Totally makes me feel like a pro now xD
Sadly, I will most likely not have that much time to take photos, draw, or anything like that. My classes start tomorrow, so I'll get into pseudo-hibernating-mode again, I guess :p

And, for the sake of sakerandomness, the obligatory question: how would your perfect day look like? Cookies for the most awesome comment! :D


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Journal Entry: Tue Sep 13, 2011, 9:40 AM

...and I am back! :D

Anything important that I missed within the past month?

Also, I'm currently going through metric craptons of photos I took on my vacations (which will eventually kill me thanks to their quantity) and touching up a few painted things. Expect some stuff to come over the next couple days or weeks! :)



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-- Vacations

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 12, 2011, 1:11 PM

Yup, this time of the year again :P

I'm going onto vacations for the next month, dooming Hungary a little again xD
Or, well, I'll try not to break anything but to create some pictures, take photos, get a tan, and the like. As I won't have (and don't want to have) any internet-access, I won't annoy ya'll the next 31 days :D

Enjoy your BLPH-free time and see you in a month! :wave:


My latest:
Celestial Ether by BLPH Soul Society by BLPH Empyrean by BLPH


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Journal Entry: Tue Jul 26, 2011, 7:28 PM

Deep down in the realms of darkness, obscured by mandess and psata, the days passed by one by one. Silence roamed this place; cold, deadly silence. Only few souls dared to enter, and those who did never returned. A location that craved for light.

It was the twenty-sixth July in the year two-thousand and eleven when it all occurred. A gleaming light shined down upon these abyssals, bringing seemingly infinite joy onto its dwellers. Although this event has been seen three times before already, it was nevertheless embraced with the same gratitude as any other.

This elevation into a nirvana-like condition was caused by two people that go by the names cjpul and MacRebisz, respectively. While first decided upon the location, the second enlightened it with his devious rays. A condition that could last into all eternity, yet is limited to twenty-four hours only. This all sums up to ninety-six hours of dreams that come to reality...

tl;dr: I'm unfathomably happy about my 4th DD! Thank you two, cjpul and MacRebisz, for the feature, I really appreciate it! :worship:
I'm particularly happy about it because it's the first time an image of mine got selected for a DD that was not made in Vue but in Photoshop. I know, it's a pretty ridiculous thing to put such an emphasis on software but it's a dream of mine from way back when I desperately wanted to draw anything but lacked the skill to do so (which kind of forced me into the Terragen- (and later Vue-) world because I was amazed by how little effort one needs to create stunning results). So, if I sound like I'm on shrooms, blame it on this :p

"The last 24h"
Empyrean by BLPH

"The other 72h"
Cataclysm by BLPH Phenomenal View by BLPH Out To New Worlds by BLPH



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Journal Entry: Fri Jul 22, 2011, 10:54 AM

Alright, those past 2-3 weeks have been pretty stressful and stuff, but FINALLY, I'm done with this semester's exams!! :woohoo:

This basically means: heaps of free time for the next couple of weeks that can be wasted :P
I already have something spacey in the making; expect it within the next few days!

Also, I want to drop some critiques! If you want to have one, feel free to comment on this journal with a link to your deviation and I'll have a go at it. Please, don't ask for it if you can't stand crits because I will find something I don't like xD
Also, as I am, judging from my gallery, most experienced in Space Art, it would be great if you could keep it in that genre as well ;)

So, bring it on! :D



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Your Face...

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 21, 2011, 2:12 PM

...when you saw this:


PS: the mailer-thingy is still being investigated :p



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Weird Accounts

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 18, 2011, 6:17 AM

And by "weird" I mean WEIRD accounts. I guess, the accounts deviantart, www, help, and so on are fairly well-known, but what is mailer? I am kind of curious as to what one can do there, considering that it's something that deviates completely from the general site-structure. Got any ideas?

Also, are there anymore of those?  :noes:



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Going Premium + Features!

Journal Entry: Tue May 24, 2011, 8:17 AM

As you probably have noticed, I set up a donation-pool a few months ago, promising to feature the ones that donated as soon as I get a premium-membership. Well, the day is finally here, so here we go! :D

:iconbloknayrb: bloknayrb
Black and Yellow by bloknayrb Chalk Mountains by bloknayrb Little Purple Flowers by bloknayrb

:icondtm81: DTM81
Huntress by DTM81 Magic forest by DTM81

:iconluckydesigns: luckydesigns
the pegasus of the sea by luckydesigns

:iconjeremy-chambers: Jeremy-chambers
:iconchriscold: ChrisCold
An anonymous deviant

And, last, but not least, the one that was so generous to directly donate me a 1-year-premium-membership! Give :iconkirz: kirz a big applause!
No, seriously, go stop by his page and show him some love!

kirz - Inner Beauty by kirz Planet XI by kirz Rubble Pile by kirz Winding Path by kirz Sidewalk and Wall by kirz Planet X by kirz

THANK YOU SO MUCH, man, it really made my day. And week. And month. And year :p



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...or however you want to call it. Basically, I just want to get rid of the old journal and try to fill it with somewhat new-ish stuff (that nobody really cares for but still gets slammed with it).

1) I was on vacations the past two weeks! :D Expect some images to come soon. You're now supposed to yayz or to noez
2) Pokemon White is awesome. Feels like it puts me back in the Red/Blue/Yellow-era...... just with much better graphics xD
3) Supposedly, I have, once again, missed my dA-birthday by a day. Can't believe that I've had my account for 3 years already, but I guess that's how things go. So, question of the journal: what do you wish a person that has a fictional account anniversary? :P
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Edit: Since quite a few people have asked me about it, I will post the link to the respective deviation at the bottom of this journal. If you wish to not know who exactly is involved in this controversy, please disregard the last line of entry.

*swearing and cursing sided with flaming may occur in the following lines*

Usually, I don't really give a thing about all the interaction between deviants that do not directly involve me. Pretty much according to the motto: I've not been invited, therefore I'll stay at home.
In this particular case, however, I have to deviate from this. It involves a Daily Deviation, a Gallery Moderator, a suggester, and a couple deviants. I will try to not mention any names; however, the clues should be sufficient to identify them. To sum up what has happened:

A fairly new member to deviantART received a, in my opinion, well-deserved DD for one of his pictures. The suggester is himself a successful Space/SciFi-artist with high reputation among the community. The GM is a versed SciFi-artist and has been doing his job for almost a year now.
Soon after receiving the DD, a deviant (I refuse to write "artist", as this would actually imply skill, creativity, and you-name-it) openly flamed the suggester and the GM for their choice in a comment on the deviation. Just as an additional info: this person himself has received 4 DDs (if they're deserved or not is questionable) and his images can all be put into one category since they show extreme resemblance to one another. The skill is another such a thing but you can guess what would come up, so I'll cut it here.
The flamer received a response which contained the aformentioned info and the following, very true statement: "it's extremely rude to comment this on the artist's work, if you have a problem take it up with voyager himself as the artist (although deserved) did not ask for a DD."

You think the flamer would acknowledge his fault and back off? Hah, you can't be more wrong! In fact, he replied with a comment which could not be anymore arrogant: "Stay out of this british boy! You don't know anything."
Seriously, this attitude just striked me. This "british boy" is an awesome painter that has grown from a merely average deviant to a true artist over the past 3 years. He shows variation from piece to piece, has dynamics, covers a wide range of topics, from Space Art over landscapes and fantasy up to portraits, to just name a few. This is just my personal opinion, but I am pretty sure that he knows a whole lot more than the flamer. But that aside, soon afterwards, the flamer joined the #SpaceArt-chat. A word of apologize? Nope. Let us check a few excerpts from the conversation (I will not comment them as they are pretty self-explanatory; <flamer> is the one that initially posted the rude comment, <painter> is the one that took the courtesy of responding to that guy):

02:57:08 AM <flamer> why do u replying me defending other ppl?
02:57:16 AM <painter> my problem is that comment you posted was extremely rude and made me angry
02:57:34 AM <flamer> OH THAT'S SO SWEET

02:58:50 AM <flamer> I was rude so what I think it was worth it
02:58:51 AM <painter> if you don't like it, block me
02:59:04 AM <flamer> ofc i would
02:59:16 AM <flamer> but don't wanna lose one more watcher :lol"

02:59:26 AM <painter> i really couldn't give a fuck, i've already removed you from my watch list
02:59:40 AM <painter> because every piece you release is the same composition with different planets
02:59:47 AM <painter> which i don't need to keep seeing in your polls
02:59:49 AM <flamer> omg that was touching like i would give a fuck

03:02:12 AM <flamer> even though ... did u think i was making those pics for you to see them?
03:02:52 AM <painter> i know you weren't and i'm not complaining at you, but i don't like them therefore i have removed you
03:02:56 AM <painter> is that a problem?
03:03:08 AM <flamer> not at all
03:03:36 AM <flamer> did u see me saying i just don't wanna lose one more watcher  ?
03:04:21 AM <flamer> i would block u without telling u
03:05:26 AM <flamer> because i lost many watchers from blocking ppl
03:05:36 AM <flamer> i don't care about the ppl
03:05:42 AM <flamer> i just care about the number
03:06:30 AM <flamer> why i'm talking to u now anyway you are blocked
03:06:36 AM ** flamer has left [connection closed]

Pathetic. Plainly pathetic. What are your thoughts in this?

Edit: I got quite a few questions about who exactly is involved in this. After some thinking I came to the conclusion that hiding the truth would be not beneficial at all, so here you go: the image. Check the respective comments; you'll find them really quick and can then rhyme together who represents whom in the aforementioned paragraphs.
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edit: 'tis overrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! You're still free to join #Spaceart, though :p

Then come join us in #Spaceart chat for the second week of our awesome painting battles!
Basically, 2 hours to paint something based on a theme which is released shortly before, nothing serious just a chance to jump into the deep end and trying to paint something awesome.
So, if you are interested in psata, awesomeness, and even more psata, come join today, March 6th, at 8:00pm GMT+1! See you there :D
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....considering the old journal was dealing with all that New Year's stuff. And that's pretty much over for the next 10 months xD

So, I'm finally done with my exams for this semester. Was about time :p
Now, that means, that I get heaps of time to waste till the summer semester starts again. So, I should be able to draw some more stuff pretty soon :D

Also, if you haven't seen it yet, I started a donation pool for a 1-year-prem-membership. If you have any points to spend and like to have a journal feature when I reach that goal, you are most welcome to donate ;)

As I'll have free time till mid-April, I'd like to do a few commissions. Contact me if you're interested!

Random word of the moment: caek. What is your random word of the moment?
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Hmm, looks like another year is over. Thinking back of it, quite a few things happened, like........... umh..... yeah....
Regardless if it's only happening to you, some national event, or even a global deal: what was the most striking thing for you in 2010?

Did you already make up your New Year's resolutions? I somehow have followed the tradition of not doing it. Can't think of anything that I can keep up :p

Either way, happy 2011. Let it be an awesome year! :party:
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You probably have seen about 20,000 of those journals/blogs by now but you will have to stand one more :P

Merry Christmas to ya'll and a happy New Year!! Hope that 2011 will become a great year :)

What are you getting from Santa? Anything awesome?

Also, for those interested, I am working on two pieces. One painting and one 3D-pano. Should be done within the next two weeks :D
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Seriously, what's up with deviantart? Every single day I see a different offer. What is this madness?!

Also, question of the moment: have / are / will you buy something because of these offers?
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Trying to make this one short as there is really not much behind this journal.

After being accepted at uni, I'm now moving out of my parents' home, into a 1-room-apartment. Drove up there today to transport all the stuff I (am supposed to) need. Also, had a quick glance at University itself. Pre-courses start on Monday, but I haven't found the corresponding departments yet :p
Will be fun............

Not quite sure about how much time I will have in the very beginning, but I might have to reduce my already fairly low productivity-rate in regard to graphics even more. I'll try to upload some doodles to my >scrapbook< to at least pretend that I'm alive. We'll see how it goes.



Update (6 Oct)
So, after 20 years (aka. 5 days), I got my internet properly set up. Network admins = evil :|
The uni is larger than I expected it to be; there are literally no signs telling you what is where (well, at least I know that the Physics-department is in building #32........). There seems to be no real system behind those numbers and they're just dished out randomly to buildings on either one of the two campuses. I think, I have spent more time searching lecture halls than attending to lectures :P
To my great surprise, the assignments we get are as easy as you can get; yet they are present in such a high quantity that they get super-annoying.
Meh, whatever, I'm going home over the weekend. Might even consider taking my tablet with me next time I get back here :P

Update (21 Oct)
Currently, the only Internet-access I have is at Uni. Guess where I am at :p
Of course, this way, I cannot access anything other than a few programs -- I tend to save my stuff on my external HD. Gosh, I hate those network admins....
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