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When the Flood Came



"Nobody has this expected to happen. The earthquake's severity as well as the ensueing flood. I have lost everything, my friends, my family, anything I have ever possessed. The only thing left is my life. When we heard about the tsunami, we ran. We ran for our lifes, and some didn't make it.
I ended up here, watching the full impact. Nothing will ever be the same again."


This is a collaboration between =CommanderEVE and me. Eve provided me with 3D-references of the person and the platform and I painted them! The rest is drawn from scratch. Hope you like it! Favs are greatly appreciated :)

Also, I want to categorically rant at this point. I know, the images depicting Japan's misery are currently in abundance right now, but I want to make something clear: I feel for the people, not the country. Yes, Japan is the origin of manga/anime/pokemon/naruto/whatever. So? This is just a trend, nothing worth mourning about (there are millions of people drawing manga that live outside of Japan). You cannot kill a trend; those will always live on. If you have a problem with that: bad for you. I'm just getting sick of those crying over man-made stuff when there is actual life endangered. And please, if I ever hear another pearl-harbor-reference, I'm gonna shoot the respective person.

- Software used: Photoshop
- Hardware: Wacom Intuos 3
- Effective working time: ~20h
- Original resolution: 4200x3150px
- Layers: ~80
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Pearl Harbor reference? Why? What're people saying?