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Unhallowed Dystopia



"I walked through the streets when it happened. Suddenly, the sky darkened and turned blood red. People looked up in both fear and awe at the same time. Nobody had the slightest clue of the alluring catastrophe.
A giant flash went down. Another one. And another one. From far away, I heard several voices scream: 'Run!'
But by then, it was too late for any of us. Within seconds, our mere existences were wiped off this planet -- a void gathering our very souls embraced us.
What you see here are remnants of a once so vivid town. Remnants of a disastrous event that left nothing else than silence. Deadly silence."


This image has been created for the "Be a Spark"-contest (Digital Category) and depicts my fundamental drive that has accompanied me since I started art 3 years ago. Personally, I love depicting apocalyptic events in all fashions, whether it is in Space Art (Cataclysm, for instance), land/waterscapes (Lake of the Lost Souls), or citiscapes (Autumn of Humanity).

When I walk through a town, I look at the architecture and think to myself: "Wow, this would look great if it was destroyed!"
Exactly this was the idea when I started working on this picture. When I moved to my new hometown, I was surprised of the amount of alleys that are scattered all over the place. And they're absolutely great for developing post-apocalyptic thoughts :plotting:

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it. Cheers! :)

• Resolution: 2689 x 6564 px
• Software used: Photoshop CS3
• Working time: ~40 hours
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