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The Rift

Where will you be when the sky breaks? :noes:

Sifting through my computer, I keep finding images that have been sitting there for quite a while for no reason whatsoever. This one is no exception, started in 08/2019 but put on hold until I get the earlier ones out of the queue first...

The hyperbasic idea is actually much much older (I'm talking >10 years)... back when chat rooms on dA were a thing, the groups platform didn't exist, before the llama-craze or stash,
cosmicbound and I planned a collab with me creating a chasm in 3D and us both then adding a "celestial phenomenon". There exists an amazing sketch, courtesy of cosmicbound, which has etched itself into my brain: clicky. Still thinking about it from time to time. :shrug:
I still have a few test-render-thumbs scattered around here and there, might share them and/or use myself for something and/or do a more accurate rendition of the sketch :plotting:

But I am rambling again, so let's just stop here. Happy to hear your thoughts, though! :la:


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Wow, das sieht toll aus!

It means wow, this looks amazing

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Vielen Dank! :)

No, really, thanks a ton! :dummy:

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This composition is like the inverse of the sketch, but also an idea consistent with the epic scale mood.

You know, this artwork is compositionally close (but with a more replenished aesthetic and lacking the celestial):

Culminating Chasm
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I agree, the composition in mine went slightly overboard in regard to the original sketch, the one you linked is much closer to it! Thanks a lot for sharing!

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