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The Four Seasons

This is the result of a project that I've started almost a year ago. The idea itself is much older -- on a trip to my grandparents in 2008, I spontaneously imagined how the same vista would look during the different seasons. The chance to realize this came a year later: last winter had a pretty unique amount of snow compared to what usually comes down, so I took a panorama of this scenery. Following up this habit, I then did one in spring, summer, and fall. You cannot imagine how happy I am that I finally got it all as I wanted it to look like. Even though some obstacles were set in my way (for example the electrical fence and the cow's productives, weather, or the camera itself).

Here are the dates, for those interested:
:bulletblue: Spring: 28 Apr 2010
:bulletblue: Summer: 6 Sep 2010
:bulletblue: Fall: 31 Oct 2010
:bulletblue: Winter: 31 Jan 2010
All shot at the same time, 2:15/3:15pm, depending on DST.

The amount of single shots should be between 15 and 40 photos per image, so you are currently looking at roughly 100 photos at the same time xD

I might upload single versions of each image (the uncropped versions) later on :)

Hope you like it! Comments and favs are greatly appreciated, as usual ;)
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these shoots are great but the most prettiest shoot is fall. So many colors and so many joy.
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It is also my favorite shot :D
Also, it's the only one that was shot with my new DSLR, the other ones were taken before :p
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I'm truly envious of countries with such drastic physical changes in seasons, and this captures the beauty of it perfectly.
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Thank you so much! I was really lucky with the winter-picture; that was the first time that we had more than a centimeter of snow :D
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Thank you!
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Man, that's cool.
Always wanted to do one of the elementary school overlooking the water ^^;
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You should really try it; it might be hard on your patience but, in my opinion, fully worth it :)
Interesting Work. I thought something similar years ago, but I didn't have the perseverance to go in the same place for four season :)
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Haha, thank you :)
captures each season very well! love it.
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that's a very good idea, beautifully done! :)
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One beautiful place, four beautiful shots! Awesome job :D
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Thank you so much :)
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Wow ! I dont have seasons where I live. Its warm all through out the year.
And this picture showed me what actually was the difference between the 4 seasons !!
Thanks !
And its a very nice picture !!!
BLPH's avatar
No difference in seasons? Wow, I can't imagine that! :o
If I may ask, where do you live?
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Not ' no difference in seasons' .:D We don't have any season like you do. I live in Sri Lanka.
FourMapleLeaf's avatar
That is really cool.
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