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November 1, 2016
Tetraworld by BLPH
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Something new from me! This time, I actually tried to stick to a more natural color scheme (emphasis on the "tried"-part :p). Made for Space-Revived's Space Art Contest: Unique Planets in the Space-category!
Edit (29 Oct): :iconlawooplz::iconlawooplz::iconlawooplz: I won :iconlawooplz::iconlawooplz::iconlawooplz:
Edit (1 Nov): Woah, a DD! Thank you so much, cosmicbound! Cue the lawoo-spam!!

The hyperbasic idea behind it: some sort of higher civilization figured that they can settle planets beyond the habitable zone if they build a structure around their entire world, thus abusing the greenhouse effect and creating a more pleasant climate! Why do they use an octahedral structure, though? Well, that's something you'll have to ask them! :D*

Personally, I'm quite happy with the outcome. If you are, too, please let me know!

Enjoy :)

* To be honest, I've spent so much time reading about niobates and their structural properties that these octahedra with an atom placed in the center burned themselves into my mind. They have a tetragonal crystal structure, which is why I call this "Tetraworld" instead of "Octaworld" or "Planet inside a strange thingy".

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Too cool that I can't get the right word to explain it :)