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Tides come and go. We have accustomed ourselves to the daily cycle. Yet, floods caused by hurricanes or tsunamis surpass their cousins by several orders of magnitude and wreak destruction whereever they go. Given the circumstances, these surges may reach cataclysmic levels and entail devastation at unprecedented dimensions. Compared to celestial forces, however, our mundane events are nothing worthy to take note of. Gravitational pull is capable of ripping entire planets and moons apart and thus ending life in an instant. We may only hope to evite the final surge.

Space waves, because why not? :D
Another old piece (from May, to be more precise) that I finished just recently. Personally, I'm quite happy about the outcome and hope that you are as well. In fact, I'm going to make this a wallpaper-pack! Because I got asked about HD+ resolutions, the are some larger downloadable images in the archive as well! :woohoo:

:bulletred: 4:3   -- 1600x1200, 2048x1536
:bulletred: 16:9  -- 1920x1080, 2560x1440
:bulletred: 16:10 -- 1920x1200, 2560x1600

No premium content this time but if you feel like supporting me, you are, of course, welcome to drop a few points at my Donation Pool. Other than that, comments and favorites are greatly appreciated and do motivate me to create more stuff ;)

I'm also taking commissions! You can find more infos on my profile-page :la:

Enjoy :)

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Love the colours you've chosen here. Great work! :D
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Thank you! :D
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Your drawings are absolutely astonishing!! Love them!
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Thank you so much, really appreciate it! :)
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It's Christmas themed too! awesome work c:

EDIT: just realized this was made a while ago x)
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Thank you! :D
Oh, you're right about the coloring, I guess that's one possible reason why it suddenly pops up everywhere :p
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x) you are very welcome and you deserve all the adoration for it! keep creating beautiful works ;D
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0/10 troll harder
paulyzee's avatar
lol his drawings are nice in their own trolly way!
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Well, the right combination of gravity, speed and trajectory could subject a sufficiently hard planetoid to just enough tidal forces to crack but not pulverize it.

Either way, pretty cool.
I would have liked a 1920*1920 as a phone background from your stuff in general. It makes for an excellent background.
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Well, once we have some large chunks, they can break each other apart by just repeatedly crashing into each other :p

1920x1920? That is quite an unorthodox size; what kind of phone do you have? :O_o:
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With a 1080p screen on a phone, the background when upright and the background while in landscape are from the same picture, forming sort of a cross-shape. So when it's in landscape, it's like a normal monitor, but when it's upright, you instead use a 1080x1920 chunk in the middle.

I do hope that makes sense.
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This is so awesome! The lovely anti-gravity touch you gave to the broken part of the planet makes it more lively. Superb work . HUGE HUGE FAN! :)
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Thank you so much, greatly appreciate it! :)
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recycling alter artworks? :D
Sehr schöne Farbwahl muss ich sagen ;)
BLPH's avatar
Recycling hat so was.... negatives. Ich nenn es "Weiterentwicklung" :D
Danke Dir! :)
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But seriously, this is one majestic, eye pleasing, heart warming(with red cloud sea) and jimmes calming; unrustling(with green hopeful light) wallpaper. It's probably the best one I had in last 21 years. Poor broken planet right in the center, this wallpaper is so oddly satisfying. It almost makes me wonder if you used some sort of fiabonacci golden ratio stuff in it.
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Thanks a lot, man! I've actually tried to design stuff with Fibonacci-spirals before. Not this time, however. Seems like it still had an influence though, haha :D
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