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Silent Downfall

"Day after day, year after year, I had always admired how our satellite rose from the horizon. However, I knew that some day, it must come to an end. An end that concludes our era."

Technically, objects as large as planets will tear each other apart due to gravitational forces, resulting in at least one being completely crushed into debris that will then (assuming the centrifugal force is not strong enough to compensate gravity) fall down on the remains of the other one as a meteorite-swarm. No, you don't want that.
Alternatively, if they approach at a greater speed, the gravity will more or less be unnecessary for apocalyptic events. It's like what happens when two cars crash -- just roughly 3 million times larger. And no, you don't want that either :p

This is a collab between the awesomely-amazing ~bloknayrb :iconbloknayrb: and myself. Bryan gave me this beatiful planet which I then blended into the landscape. Great working with ya! :)

Please check out his version as well: [link]
No, wait, this is not a friendly advice, it's an order! So gogogogogogogo! [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] :D

Enjoy :)

Edit (yes, even on the same day xD)
We took some input from *kire1987, *ChrisCold, *freelancah, and =aRchAng3lZz into account and are proud to present you the version with increased awesomeness-factor. Enjoy² :D
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May I use this for a SSBM tournament called "downfall?" please respond ASAP. It will be the background for the banner of an art project I'm working on. Thanks!
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Will this banner be used for commercial purposes? If it is, then my answer is no. In a noncommercial sense, attribution is a must, that means that both bloknayrb and I must be mentioned. However, please note that we do not allow much modifications either way, as this work is not stock. As a general rule of thumb, slight cropping is fine (with attribution to both of our deviantart-sites), manipulations and the like require permission (this strongly depends on the amount of changes done to the original picture and is decided on a case-by-case basis).
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Truly amazed! Even much so that I sent you a note inquiring about being able to use it for a cover. =)
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Thank you :)
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Fortunately, any solid object with enough gravity to be round is far beyond the maximum point where it's gravity is weak enough for the thing to break apart like that.  Unless of course it directly collides with something .
may i use it please ?
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In which context?
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I want it for a book cover.
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I want to use this picture, how do i contact the 2 of you?
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You can simply shoot me a note, I'll forward it to =bloknayrb ;)
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freaking amazing!
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Are you a god of artistic skill?:dummy:
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Haha, I wish I was :p
Thanks for the fav!
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You're welcome!:dummy:
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Nice montage...
Do you know John Harris ? He made a very similar painting called Inside the Roche Limit. See 2 versions of it here : [link]
John Harris is among my main inspirations. I once did an article about him on my Mars blog : [link]
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That's pretty cool, sadly I haven't heard about him before. His works do seem very inspirational :)
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:) Yes, very inspirational! Actually, he's my main reference : [link] ;)
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I see; that's pretty awesome! :)
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Thank you :)
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Very interesting. :)
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