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According to Merriam-Webster, "Saturnine" is defined as
1: born under or influenced astrologically by the planet Saturn
2a: cold and steady in mood: slow to act or change

With this piece, I was trying to tie these two definitions together. I started out with a Saturn-like concept (gas planet, surrounded by rings) and thought how things were affected if we started to decelerate everything. Now, let's just assume that gravitational pulls were weakened as well such that moons etc. would not get sucked into the main planet right away and instead were to achieve a steady state configuration at one point. The most notable visual change, in this case, would be a dissolution of the ring-structure, going from super-flat disks that were originally held in place by rotational forces to a more billowy and cloud-like appearance.

That is the super-basic idea behind it; for visual purposes, I decided to add a few not-so-realistic details around here and there (and because I like to go ham on things such as nebulae). Because of its monochrome color palette, I'm also entering Space-Revived's Space Art Contest: Chromatic! Feel free to check out the other entries, too, lots of great submissions in the folder! :)

Personally, I'm quite happy about this piece's outcome, so I'm offering it as a wallpaper-pack! Following sizes are included:
:la: 16:9  -- 1920x1080
:la: 16:10 -- 1920x1200
:la: 4:3   -- 1600x1200
You know the drill, feedback is super-appreciated, and even moreso the positive one :iconupsidedown-laplz:
If you feel like supporting me, favs or watches are the way to go! Even better, if you feel like dropping a few points on me, I'd be more than happy! :woohoo:

By the way, I saved a few inbetween-snapshots. Let me know if you're interested in a progress-walkthrough! :)

Moar infos!
:bulletblue: Musical inspiration: Arch Enemy - Saturnine
:bulletblue: The overall composition is based on a heavily altered version of a sketch of Cloud Collapse that I still had lying around but, apart from the past few days, never found enough time to work on it...

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© 2017 - 2021 BLPH
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I'm blue, da ba dee da ba da

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Now entering the land of smurfs!

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I love it. Star night star bright may I make a wish tonight? Teh hee:meow:

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This looks beautiful and fantastic!
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Thank you so much! :)
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Your Welcome too.
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Just scrolling through your gallery, adoring everything I see... Any tips or tricks you can offer in regards to space related digital art? Your clouds are beautiful. Mine always looks super... Amateur, lol. Your lines are perfect, coloring is perfect, edges and brushes are perfect. Another question is, how long does it usually take you to draw something like this?
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Wow, thank you really for all your kind words! I remember all too well how it felt to try paint something which turned out absolutely underwhelming, so I am slightly at a loss of words right now with all the positive feedback...

Hmm, there isn't really much I can offer in terms of tips other than the standard sayings like "practice", "blood, sweat, and tears", and whatnot. Personally, I believe that anybody can create something gorgeous and you just have to keep pushing yourself. Looking back, I've been painting space art for about a decade now (time flies!) and believe me, my first attempts (read: the first couple years) were absolutely terrible; was relying on tutorials way too much, so scenes turned out completely disjointed. In fact, only when I really started thinking about doing things more naturally (instead of going "because X told me I should put this on 78% opacity, this number matters more than anything going on in the image", it's nowadays more of a "well, if it doesn't look good, we can still just overpaint it and create something out of that!"), there was some sort of flow going on.

Other than that, it's just detailing at high resolution that makes an image look convincing. Depending on the subject, that might take anywhere from 6 hours for very simple scenes up to several weeks or even months. Sometimes, it feels like the biggest virtue in art is patience ;)
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Thanks a lot :)
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Very very beautiful! 
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Thank you! :D
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Perfect work!La la la la 
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Thank you! :woohoo:
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You’re welcome!;) (Wink) 

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Gute Arbeit!!
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...Bueno, pero espero que sigas produciendo obras sensacionales!! Nod Nod 
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¡Vaya, muchas gracias! :thanks:
No hablo español muy bien, así que espero que esta traducción de Google sea correcta... Roll Eyes 
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jajajajj thanks not "tanks" 
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Good traduction!! perfecto.... asi tu practicas español, y yo algo de ingles. 
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