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Wouldn't it be amazing if we had a nebula illuminating our planet instead of a single star?
With this concept I went in and thought a bit about what would probably happen. So, first of all, such a nebula (if it's not a planetary one) contains several hundred of stars so temperatures would probably be a bit higher than you and I would like. Even if some stars are shrouded inside the nebula, you'd still get a full blast of high-energy UV-emission from that nebula which isn't particularly suited for life either. So, you basically end up with a fairly hot rock which, apart from having a few impact craters with other cosmic objects, is pretty boring.

Well, even though this now seems boring, I really hope the image itself is not (or at least that much) :D
As a compensation, I prepared a wallpaper-pack again with the following sizes:
:la:1:1   -- 1920x1920
:la: 4:3   -- 1920x1440
:la: 16:9  -- 1920x1080
:la: 16:10 -- 1920x1200

As always, feedback is always appreciated, especially the positive one :D
If you download, please leave a fav as well to become the king or queen of generosity! Or, if you prefer the title "emperor", I have a donation pool set up on my page where you can also drop a few points. "Why," you ask. Because I would love to get that core-membership thing... and because I like points :la:
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