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February 19, 2015
Beautiful colours and fascinating scenery!

Of Grandest Majesties by BLPH
Featured by TehAngelsCry
Suggested by Ginryuzaki
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Of Grandest Majesties



Echoes of a long forgotten past reverberate through space and time. Enigmatic stories that disclose greater mysteries. Among them, distant yet so close, it is being told of a star forming region of sheer inapprehensible pulchritude. A beacon of hope in the vast continuum of eternal calignosity, nurturing potential life that may grow. A divine power, mightier than any king or queen who has ever lived or will ever exist. This is the story of Grandest Majesties.

Figured it's time for another nebula. My primary source of inspiration came from the eponymous song Of Grandest Majesties by Petrychor. Personally, I feel quite happy with the turnout and hence am offering a wallpaper pack of it. The archive contains the following sizes:
:bulletred: 16:10 — 1920x1200
:bulletred: 16:9 — 1920x1080
:bulletred: 4:3 — 1600x1200

Enjoy! :)


Edit (19 Feb 2015):
Okay, so basically, I really did not expect this DD. Like... at all. I know, this sounds the same as with pretty much anybody else that got a DD but this one is absolutely honest :p
This has been quite a suboptimal day which I wanted to prematurely ragequit by going to bed at 5 P.M. Well, my exploding inbox has determined otherwise! This is now a friggin' epic day! Thank you so much Ginryuzaki and TehAngelsCry ! Keep rockin' :headbang:
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A very beautiful artwork!