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Lake of the Lost Souls

Explorers have recently discovered a lake that has been containing some secret that nobody knows of yet. Hidden inside of dense fog, it has preserved being a mystery during the course of events.
It seems that you cannot enter the water with ordinary means as it will immediately dissolve everything. The only chance to surpass this obstacle is to board an abandoned ship that constantly voyages accross this lake.
Silently, it departs again. Shall we take this opportunity? So far, not a single soul has ever returned. This is why we named it "Lake of the Lost Souls".

Fairly quick one. Initially, I wanted to start out with some sort of chasm-scene but got stuck in further going with the concept. That's the point where I decided to abandon the chasm-concept and instead fill the chasm with some water. Didn't remember that rendering water can take so long but it was surely the slowest thing in the creation-process.

Rendering itself was done in Vue 7 (with a lot of crashing involved, as usually), post-working with quite a bunch of overpainting done in Photoshop. All in all, 1 week of having fun.

Misc. Facts:
• Original res: 4600x2100px
• Software used: Vue 7, Photoshop
• Render time: 25h 19min 28sec
• Crashes: 6
• Death threats directed at computer: 12,000
• Cans of Mountain Dew to calm down: 3
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love the atmo of your piece.. just one thing.. reflection doesn't change in pespective. Shadows does reflections don't.

but great piece tough.
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Thanks! The reflections came out of the render engine and, as I used a pretty small focal length (16mm or so), the perspective might look a little confusing, yet, that should be what would happen in real life as well (always assuming you carry a wide-angle lens around :P). Nevertheless, thanks for your comment :)
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Awe awesome, I almost missed the ghost on the right. Great job on this one ;)
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You're very welcome
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Eeeek, don't think I'll set foot on that ship, it all looks way too spooky for me! I think I'm already starting to see things cause if you ask me some nasty skeleton ghost thingy is in the right rock looking at me.
You managed very well to create the feeling of a forbidden place. Well done! :clap:
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Thank you so much. Glad you felt like sharing your thoughts! :)
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grats zu den 650 Punkten :D
BLPH's avatar
Vielen Dank! :)
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Awesome work, I'm a bit annoyed that I missed this in my devwatch somehow, but this came out very cool.
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Very beautiful! Fantastic work!!
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Thank you! :)
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Beautiful..I can relate to computer death threats, my 1GB Ram laptop has often narrowly missed summary execution many times:giggle::giggle:
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Haha, yeah, every time I render out a scene, I get reminded of how slow my computer is. On the one hand, a new one seems to be necessary, on the other hand, I can't afford it :P
And yeah, my laptop is even worse in that matter.....
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Great piece! :#1:
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Thank you! :)
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This is breathtaking. I like everything in it.
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It's a pleasure.
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Just beautiful !
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