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Jovian Domain



Jupiter, the largest of our 8 planets, features immense weather-conditions that are incomparable to anything terrestial. Given Earth's size, it would be completely swallowed by the most prominent hurricane in our solar system. The large banded structures intermix with each other creating a marble-like texture. You are now orbiting the largest and heaviest of all planets alongside with most moons in the solar system. You have entered the Jovian Domain.

Hey, here's something new from me. It's been a concept I have had in my head for quite a while now but never really attempted to paint it. Until now. It turned out even better than I anticipated, and I really hope you like it, too :)

For those interested, I made a wallpaper-pack out of it with the most common dual-screen-resolutions. Also, the regular display-ratios at a fairly high resolution so you can simply size it down to suit your needs ;)

Enjoy :)

Random facts:
- Full Resolution: 9000 x 4072 pixels
- Total working time: around a week
- During the breaks, I tried to learn Chopin's Revolutionary Etude. Harder to learn than I thought but it's going somewhere decent. Slowly, very slowly.... :p
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WOW this is awesome!

May I use it for my desktop wallpaper? (personal use of course)