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Iridium, Pt. III: Destruction

Iridium is a transition metal which is among (or the top of) the hardest, densest, and most corrosion-resistant metals in existence. Furthermore, it is one of the rarest elements in Earth's crust; platinum is 10x, gold is 40x, and silver is 80x more abundant. On the other hand, its concentration in meteorites may be 500x higher.
Paraphrased from Wikipedia

In this series, I'm taking things to the extreme: what happens when an impossibly hard and fast-traveling asteroid is on a collision course with a planet? Like a bullet hitting a water melon, it's going to leave quite a mark...

Guess it's going to heat up a bit due to friction, so we now have a glowing asteroid on top of an exploding planet. Fancy :p

Feedback and support is super-welcome! :la:

The Iridium Series:
Iridium, Pt. I: Approach by BLPH Iridium, Pt. II: Impact by BLPH  Iridium, Pt. III: Destruction by BLPH
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Looks like a big mouth spitting a fireball :D

Totally needs an aftermath paintery.

Whenever you destroy planets I feel so sad about them. We need also planets destroying astroids, not the other way around!

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Funny that you mention this, your demand is actually in the pipeline already! :D

Aftermath of this is pretty much just a colossal amalgamation of rock and dust with no cohesive structure. Kind of like the static a badly adjusted TV displays :eyepopping:

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One day to swirl back into anew baby planet maybe :)

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No worries, those are happy planets that enjoy being disintegrated :aww

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Awesome view, I rather go live there than staying home at the whole freaking pandemic.....:)

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Haha, it's certainly flashy!

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