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In Paradise

Evening after evening, the lone fisherman sets out fishing to earn his daily bread. He has the chance to live a life in paradise, watching the sun set over a clear ocean. Evening after evening.
But his thoughts circle around a different matter: will he be able to see tomorrow's sunset at all?

Hey, here's another wallpaper for you :)
They're fairly large (up to 2560 pixels wide), so they should fit almost any screen.

I have thought about this for quite a bit, how people living in the most beautiful places are often times, by modern society's standards, absolutely poor. Yet, they cope with their situation.

Been working on it for a few months (since April, to be more precise) and had to put it back when coursework got a bit more time-consuming. Great portions were created in Vue 7 which sweetened my evenings by constantly lagging and crashing. Yay!
Postwork was done in Photoshop CS3. It lagged, too, but at least it didn't crash :p

Anyways, I hope you like it. Comments and favs are, as usual, greatly appreciated.

Enjoy! :)

- Original size: 7500x7500 px
- Render time: ~68 hours
- PSD filesize: 333 MB
© 2012 - 2021 BLPH
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Omg! This is really awesome!
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Thank you! :)
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Wow, if you wouldn't have stated this was created on a computer, I would have thought this was the real thing, well maybe with some photoshop edits. This is just breathtaking!
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Thank you so much! :)
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Yeah, I'm just gonna remind you that you're awesome in case you forget.
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Even if I don't forget, I love hearing it all over and over again :D

Thanks, man! :)
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Wait, you're using Vue again? :O
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Back in April, I actually did :p

Nowadays, I neither have time nor will to wreck my nerves with that program.
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I know what you mean, never see anybody in the spaceart chatroom anymore, guess we're all too busy now :(
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Spaceart is kind of dead, yeah. Apparently, people talk over skype nowadays, though....
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Pfft, skype, nonsense.
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Well, duh. Le skaip is evil :P
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Spaceart chat sometime?
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This is an incredibly beautiful scene.
68 hours render time.... :O Sweet merciful crap!
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Thank you! :)
I've gotten somewhat used to almost-eternal render-times... and then, anything <100h is acceptable :p
ObscuroArcanum's avatar
:O 100 hours?!
Is it because your scenes are so intricate that it takes so long for your PC to render
out the image, or is it because you haven't got a very powerful computer? I'm looking
at getting Vue at the end of the year... but if I'm looking at <100 render time for
images, I see I'm not going to be getting much sleep while images are rendering! :O
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I guess it's mostly related to my computer being old and slow (1.7GHz Intel Celeron, 2GB RAM). I usually try to optimize my scenes as much as possible and, in case some details get lost, fix them in Photoshop. Also, nights are great for rendering; the whole rendering-process can use the CPU and it's (usually) cold enough to prevent things from overheating ;)
ObscuroArcanum's avatar
That's a relief.... awful that you have such massive render times ahead of you,
but a relief to know that a faster machine can handle Vue's renders. :)
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Yup, the newer computers shouldn't have any problems in terms of lagging, ridiculous render-times, etc. And you get even better results when you pick a desktop instead of a laptop (mainly due to the fact that latter is optimized for battery-friendly behavior whereas the desktop just goes straight for performance) :)

The only downside is Vue itself. It might act strange on random occasions (read: "crash"). I don't know how well the bugs are fixed with the latest version, but version 7 might shut down on random occasions....
ObscuroArcanum's avatar
That's definitely a relief to know! :)
Thanks very much for the extra information!
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You're welcome! :)
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Very pretty! Nice work! :clap:
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