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Strive for the light that serves as a beacon of knowledge amidst the sea of the norm. Reach it, grasp it, and never let go. Become enlighted and manifest as a new beacon. May the world as we know it be shaped by the gift of illumination.

Good grief, the last submission was already a month ago? I'm really slacking, haha!
Truth be told, I'm just drowning in work and spend the little remaining time with either stuffing food in my face or slamming my face into a pillow :p

Either way, wallpaper-time! Special edition, for it's a dual-screen-wallie :woohoo:
Available sizes are:
2x 16:9  -- 3840x1080
2x 16:10 -- 3840x1200
16:9     -- 1920x1080
16:10    -- 1920x1200

Hope it's to your delight. If it is, please drop a little comment, fav, or even watch :aww:

Enjoy :)
© 2016 - 2022 BLPH
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Simply Amazing. You are really talented! 
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Thank you so much! :)
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Awesome work. How's things going?
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Thank you, things are going great :)
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Your space paintings are legit boner inducing.
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Thank you, I hope? :p
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Yes and thank you to you too!
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That's some sparkly rings! Like the colors in this one, very nice mate.
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Thanks a ton! :)
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My mind can't handle the beauty of this piece.
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Thank you so much! :thanks:
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Nice dynamic with the colour and light. Mystery exudes with the splendid shimmering and sense of contrast between elements/zones of colour. The 'hand' maybe too obvious although the idea fits nicely with the cuddly glowing ring and even what looks like an arm-wrestling scorpion in the backdrop (after the 'arm' of the 'hand'). 
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Thank you so much for your insight! I agree, the hand might be a little too obvious, but after all, this was more or less an experiment how distinct a shape can be to still classify as a nebula as opposed to a piece of post-modern art. I'm struggling to see the scorpion, though :D
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Good experiment, definitely has potential ;)
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Dankeschön :la:
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so fantastic...! ♥
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Thank you so much :thanks:
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