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"And when you follow this path, you'll end up in the dark, dark forest. People say that bears live in it."
"Umh... daddy?"


Pedobear meets space art :D
Oh, look, our little man even carries a teddy around :P

Enjoy :)

• Software used: Photoshop CS3
• Working time: probably around 15h, didn't really count
• Original size: 3166x2375px
• Layers: ~85
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"Remember who you are. You are my son and the one true king. Remember..."
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You see, the entire universe wants lolis, this is the evidence!
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Don't go down into the woods today or you'll get a terrible surprise. It involves teddy bears but they ain't having a picnic.
timonza's avatar
he's just going to confirm someone with his seal of approval
timonza's avatar
that's how lolis get pedobear seal of approval
nunujack's avatar
lol its like he's mufasa!
fightingleaf's avatar
... and this is when you should perform ritual sepoku before stepping into the woods. You really are better off that way.
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O shizzle my missle no ditzzle! For the sake of your freedom and privacy, DON'T GO IN THE WOODS!!!
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Scary but funny at the same time.
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Ahahaha I saw Pedobear and almost LOL'd in the middle of class xD
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Haha, don't make me feel guilty! :p
misosoup321's avatar
xD No, don't feel guilty, feel proud! :D
BLPH's avatar
Well then, thanks a lot! xD
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Shocking, right? :noes:
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Can I write a poem about it?
hiddenhibrid's avatar
thats freaky and awesome at the same time
GigTheGodOfDeath's avatar
O.o The legends were true...
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