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Protuding from the average, the common, to rise and shine brightly. To exude the radiance the entirety tries to reach, to be on top. Conjointly, it fills us with the warm feeling of euphoria, knowing to have come to paramount position of success. The beacon will ablaze and never cease to burn as long as this feeling embraces us. Euphoria, the highest of them all.

It was about some time to submit something more elaborated again, so here we go :D
In fact this piece took fairly long which is partially due to its mere filesize which gets quite heavy on my poor old laptop. On the other hand, because I just wanted to go on filling it with details.

I'm releasing this as a wallpaper-pack which can be accessed by hitting the Premium-Content-option. You'll get the following sizes:
    :bulletblue: 16:9 — 1920x1080
    :bulletblue: 16:10 — 1920x1200
    :bulletblue: 4:3 — 1920x1440

As usual, any support via comments, favs, or even watches is greatly appreciated! I hope you enjoy this piece as much as I do :)

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Thank you! :D
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What a delightful new planet, looks rather like a fish egg... is that small friend its moon or another planet? Might have me rambling about atmospheres again lol. I really enjoy when you work with warmer colors like this, great job. :)
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Thank you so much! I always enjoy your point of view on things.... fish eggs :D
Which reminds me that I haven't had supper yet :p
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Then it is lucky for you that I am always happy to give my point of view on these things. :XD:
Eww... you eat caviar? =p
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Not particularly (in fact, I really don't like it). However, it just inevitably is associated with some sort of food for me and I was hungry when I wrote the last comment :p
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Awesome. insta-purchase.
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Thank you so much! :D
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Great Work .. :D ..
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That is just really awesome.
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Thank you! :)
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