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July 26, 2011
Empyrean by *BlPh Suggester says: "Artist has created a wonderful scene with a beautiful, fluid nebula."
Featured by MacRebisz
Suggested by cjpul
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"Night by night, I have been watching the sky, recognizing the constellations, and thought this would be the greatest sight one could have. Until I had the chance to ascend into greater heights; to transcend over the mere terrestial viewpoint into the empyreal. A vista that is unmatched, as the moon slowly rises over the horizon..."

Recently, I've been trying out a new method for painting nebulae (you can see a few attempts in the latest images of my scrap-folder) and this is the outcome of it. I am pretty happy about the image because it turned out exactly how I imagined it :)
Because I personally think the neb looks quite cool, I uploaded it as well. Feel free to check it out here: [link]

Fairly quick with something between 5 and 8 hours. Most time went into tweaking the colors because I, once again, painted in black and white :p
Special thanks to the guys in the SpaceArt-channel for their constructive criticism!
Also, this is my entry for #ForgottenGalaxy's Moon Contest. Wish me luck!

I made a wallpaper-pack! :D
Available sizes are:
:bulletblue: 5:4 -- 1920x1536
:bulletblue: 4:3 -- 2048x1536
:bulletblue: 5:2 -- 2560x1024
:bulletblue: 16:9 -- 2560x1440
:bulletblue: 16:10 -- 2560x1600
If you have a smaller monitor, just scale it down. No point in providing any possible size and therefore forcing you to download a 100MB-wallpaper-pack ;)

As usual, favs and comments are highly appreciated!

Enjoy :)

- original size: 7500x3750
- PSD-filesize: 431MB
- Hardware: Wacom Intuos 3
- Software: Adobe Photoshop CS3
- random fact about these facts: each line contained the number 3.
- another random fact: 90% of the readers just read the previous lines again :p

So, woah, I just woke up and found this being a DD... yeah, I don't know what to say really; kind of speechless right now xD
Thank you =cjpul for suggesting and ^Voyager212 for featuring! You really made my day :)
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xXxLorenaxXx's avatar
This is sooo well drawn that I fell in love with this picture XD <33
I wish I would live in there haha! really fantastic job you did dear, very gorgeous keep it up!! <3
BLPH's avatar
Wow, thank you so much for your kind words, I really appreciate those! :thanks:
BLPH's avatar
Thank you! :D
anna-nubi's avatar
Just looked through my favourites again... While I do actually really like everything I fave (but obviously xD), this caught my eye again :heart:
If I could fave twice, I would! Stunning!
BLPH's avatar
Wow, thank you so much! I really appreciate it :)
Kuu-Setembro's avatar
Very beautiful. >w<
BLPH's avatar
Aniphine's avatar
Gorgeous. :D Positively gorgeous.
sheorun's avatar
wow, the nebula's great! It conveys such a paintinglike feeling in contrast to those realistic planets! Never seen something like this before. Great work ;)
BLPH's avatar
Thanks a lot for the kind words, I really appreciate them :)
sheorun's avatar
no problem good art deserves recognition ;)
Moul's avatar
really fantastic!
BLPH's avatar
wuestenbrand's avatar
BLPH's avatar
Chicopower's avatar
Very beautiful! My dual screen look very nice with this wallpaper :)
Thx to share your great talent!
BLPH's avatar
Thanks, glad you like it :)
Davidpoet30's avatar
may i write a poem about this
BLPH's avatar
Umh, my mind hasn't changed since [link] :p
Davidpoet30's avatar
since when and i dont remember what you said
BLPH's avatar
That is why I linked the previous comment ;)
Davidpoet30's avatar
pleaselink it again
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