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Crashing from the Skies



"After all what has happened already, I did not think it could become worse. After the EMP-incident, the world has succumbed to anarchy with no chance to escape. It just happened from one moment to another. The stench of death now roams the streets and reminds us of how fragile we are on a constant basis. What was the cause of all this? Nobody knew.

Until now."

Been a while again. And even more time since the last city. Time to change this! :D
The idea behind this image struck me while watching a documentary of a hypothetical EMP-attack caused by aliens and the effects this would have on mankind. Tl;dr-version of it: the electromagnetic pulse is so strong that it fries all electronic devices (which, obviously, would cause quite some havoc among societies). After that, it's easy to invade Earth and subordinate everyone that's left alive. Funnnnnnnn :woohoo:

I've been having enormous trouble with the color-management on this one. Apparently, the Windows Photo Viewer decides to display images in a different color profile than Firefox or Photoshop (latter also only displays the right colors when the right "Color Profile" + "Proof Colors" are activated). Anybody have a solution for that?

Either way, feedback is much appreciated! Enjoy :)
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Sinister... spooky... spectacular. As your number one fan, I must say (in a totally unbiased way) that this is one of your best pieces! Just like every other piece you've done! xD