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Two major stars, one shining brightly whilst the other radiates more dimly. One will soon reach its final stages and abate to become one of its fellow stars whereas its rival will continue illuminating its surroundings with its beautiful light for many more milleniae. Two stars, two fates. Which is the more desirable?

Hey, here's another wallie for your desktops. The same sizes a usual:

:bulletblue: 4:3 — 2048x1536
:bulletblue: 16:10 — 2560x1600
:bulletblue: 16:9 — 2560x1440

In case you have a smaller monitor, just shrink it down. Makes the wallpaper-pack much smaller if not every possible res is included ;)

The thoughts behind this piece possibly sound a bit familiar; I took the liberty to "borrow" the theme from an older piece of mine (Perfection or Vanity). In my opinion, it turned out nicer than the older version. In case you do, too, I'd be really happy about a comment or fav :)

Also, from tomorrow onwards, I'll be on vacations in Hungary again. So, I might not be able to read your comments immediately, but I will when I get back which is around April 1st.

Enjoy :)
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Thank you! :)
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i love space! and this is perfect! :D USED HERE…
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Thank you :)
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wow. its beautiful. finally got something to replace my old wallpaper :). it looks like a neat version of the horse head nebula.
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You got me, that was the main-source of inspiration for this piece ;)
Glad you like it :)
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i knew it :D. still well done though. wish i could do this kind of art XD
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Thanks man :)
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That is positively breathtaking! :omfg: Wow! This is an instant favorite. :D
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Thanks a ton! :)
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nebula sieht klassse aus :thumbsup: ;)
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Dankeschön :)
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Thank you! :)
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