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The Fibonacci-sequence appears in more areas than one might think. Branch positions of a tree and leave arrangements, up to scales that far outmeasure our own concept of distances such as entire galaxies. Nature's blueprints keep the design consistent at any level.

Funny little backstory, I was programming some simulations which involve some heavily recursive algorithms. During my research of optimizing the code, I stumbled over one of the prime-example of recursive algorithms: the Fibonacci numbers. What caught my attention was the fact that the Fibonacci spiral resembled the layout of spiral galaxies so nicely that I just had to do something with it! The "sketch" I made for this piece is, in fact, just this spiral upon which I painted a bit :p

Something which I'd also like to add is that I'm participating in Space-Revived's Distant Starfields-contest with this piece (and maybe one more if I manage to finish it in time, haha)! After all, isn't a galaxy just an elaborate starfield that resembles a certain shape? Great entries submitted so far already, so do check them out!

Wallpaper? Wallpaper!
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If you download, please be a good person and drop a :+fav: as well. One click for you that means a lot to me ;)

Enjoy! :)
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They tried teaching us Fibonacci in school but they could have made it more interesting with diagrams like this :lol: But I will say I was still reminded of something more artistic myself - particularly Van Gogh's "Starry Night" painting. Maybe he was dreaming of galaxy-shaped clouds :plotting:

The colours are nice too, reminding me a lot of the shiny insides of abalone shells (which by a good coincidence are physical examples of Fibbonacci spirals right there :D)