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Celestial Ether

This is a little project I worked on the past few days. The primary goal was to simply create a scene which contains a gas-giant and some asteroids, so I started out by rendering the basic setup in Vue and overpainted it in Photoshop. I still haven't figured out how to use the distance-to-camera-input properly, so I just post-worked it the way I wanted it :p

Oh, look, it's a wallpaper-pack! :D
:bulletblue: 5:4 -- 1920x1536
:bulletblue: 4:3 -- 2048x1536
:bulletblue: 5:2 -- 2560x1024
:bulletblue: 16:9 -- 2560x1440
:bulletblue: 16:10 -- 2560x1600
If you have a smaller screen, just resize it to fit your needs ;)

If you download, please be so kind to fav it as well. A small click for you, but a giant leap for mankind motivational boost for me. Enjoy! :)

- Total working time: ~8h
- Original size: 5476x2500px
- PSD filesize: 233MB
- Hardware: Wacom Intuos 3
- Software: Vue, Photoshop
- I created the gas giant texture before even have the idea of this image xD

I'll be gone for the next month, so my responses will be a little delayed ;)
© 2011 - 2021 BLPH
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Thank you :)
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Incredibly awesome! Love the blues and the stars! :shuffelin: 
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Thank you so much! :la:
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cool picture :) love the volume light effect
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Thank you! :D
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As a wallpaper? Sure! :)
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I am sorry but this is no stock.
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This is great :dummy:
the asteroids are rendered nicely ^^
though there's something not quite right with the overall lighting (or its ambience), i'm not sure what, haha :D
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I can't tell what exactly makes you think so, but nevertheless, thanks :p
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Ack xD
Don't bother, i'm not sure myself :P
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Really nice BlPh. Would have been a lot better if qaz made it though, though luck we can't all be qaz :(
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Sad but true :saddummy:
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Also, this is awesomesauce.
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And thanks :p
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And thanks once again :D
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I agree with Qaz, this would have been better if someone else had done it. Also, I don't like your face.
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No U and ur face :|
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You are featured here:

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Wow, thanks! :D
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