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It was just a matter of time until the central star would illuminate its surroundings with its final rays of light before it would collapse into a black hole. This time has come.

Blitz-collab with *ChrisCold. I did the basic fractals, he painted over them, I did a few touch-ups, and called it "done". So give *ChrisCold a big applause for his part :clap:

According to chris, this is a WIP, but since we can't think of anything that could be added, I feel so free to submit it :D

Enjoy :)
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Thank you so much! Also, welcome to dA! :wave:
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Spectacular. I love how it looks like a man reaching for the core. :clap:
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awesome work.

maybe the human shape cloud is too well defined, depends on if you want it more art or reality like.

wonderful work with the lighting and the colors, but overall the best part is the concept (made art piece).
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Thank you very much! :)
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I like how you see a man standing in the cloud form reaching out to the lightest points ..almost in hope of a brighter future or tomorrow.. Very nice, and deep, not sure if it was intened..but I really think its lovely and eye catching, can stare at it for a long time
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Thank you so much for all the kind words, I really appreciate them! :)
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I really like the light and shadow here B-) Very cool stuff you guys
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Thanks, man :)
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I fucking love the way it came out !!!!!! It looks so epic, sensational and marvelous!!!! :wow::clap:
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Thank you so much :)
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You're very Welcome ! :huggle:
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i see a man reaching for it's core
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Don't you dare tell me that wasn't on purpose
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I gave my partner a version where this guy wasn't as pronounced. He worked on those parts ;)
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Regardless, looks really cool. Great piece. :D
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Good, well, actually incredible, there´s some hand painting in the process?
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Indeed. In fact, it's completely painted ;)
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This is ART!
I love the expression flowing out of this picture :)
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Thank you! :)
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This. Is. Gorgeous. :D
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Impressive drawing, a great overall effect - it makes you wonder how they get those Hubble pics actually...

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