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Hey, it's been a while since the last fully detailed piece. As you can see, I deviated a bit from my usual color palette (because I really find greens hard to work with in general). Kind of a self-induced challenge with some spark by ~bloknayrb caused in this comment. If you don't mind me, I'll be going back to blue/purple tones again now :D

During my vacations, there was no internet; hence the distraction-/procrastination-level was low. Original size is 6400 pixels wide and painted at something like 200% mostly (yes, I could've chosen 100% @ 12800px as well, but my computer died at this res already :p). The hyperbasic idea behind: spikey rocks. There are about 250 of them in there. I didn't really count but if anybody's having no life, you're welcome to number them ;p

So, as usual, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did while creating it :)

- Original size: 6400 x 3200 pixels
- Time spent: 1 month
- Software: Photoshop CS2
- Power outages causing me to redo 30% of the piece: 1

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Some artists say to say away from green, yellow and purple as they 'do not work'. But, I think you have used the green well here. 
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Thank you! Green is insofar dangerous that it becomes really ugly once you slightly increase the saturation. Can't say the same about yellow, purple/pink might be one of those (let's call them) "radioactive colors" as well, though.
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You are very welcome.

Indeed. The only thing that I can think it looks good for is scenes with vegetation. But with your piece I noticed you did not use that much green as you mixed it with blue, which as we both know works very well and quite a bit of yellow that works well as light. So, when using green it has to be mixed with a colour that the eye can feel at ease with, as what I did here (It is just a sketch):…

Although, purple and pink go well when you combine it with blue. But personally, I do not like using too much colour from right across the spectrum. I find if you are using red, it is nice to have a blue tinge to the shadows, the same with any two contrasting colours.

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Amazing painting, so much detail and nice lighting!
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Thank you so much! :)

(sorry for being so late, I was on a hiatus the past 2 months)
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That's incredible!!! n..n
Indeed has many details, must have cost you quite a while to do this piece, or maybe not?
Although costing you work with color green, it looks pretty good to me. n..n
Anyway: great job!
BLPH's avatar
Thank you so much! It definitely took a huge amount of time, especially because most parts are painted with a default, flat, hard PS brush :p
Khelmer's avatar
You are welcome! n..n
I paint using soft brushes. Is more comfortable to me :)
BLPH's avatar
I agree, working with soft brushes is nice :)
It's just that I want to get that bit of grittiness from those hard edges :D
Khelmer's avatar
Interesting. So you used hard brushes to make that effect.
Sometime I used hard brushes to make some details :)
BLPH's avatar
A faster way would be to simply resort to textured brushes... but then again, I feel more like I've accomplished something when I don't have to rely on anything. Essentially, it feels great to create something from practically nothing with no help whatsoever :)
Khelmer's avatar
I feel the same way. The feeling on doing something by your own is something to be proud about it. But also is not so bad have something to help you :)
ErikShoemaker's avatar
gefällt mir und die Farben sind schön :D
BLPH's avatar
Und das TROTZ grün :p
Haha, danke!
Somelarder's avatar
This is gorgeous, wow ! :w00t:
I love the atmosphere, it's splendid and the amount of details is flabbergasting ! :D
BLPH's avatar
Thank you so much, I really appreciate your kind words :)
Somelarder's avatar
You're welcome ! :)
The glorious detail!  I love this piece, and wow it has been a while since you last posted a really detailed piece.
BLPH's avatar
Haha, I blame my chronic lack of time for the lack of detailed pieces. And maybe a bit of laziness :p

Thanks a lot! :)
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Einfach Hammer (;
BLPH's avatar
Vielen Dank! :D
LightrayPhotography's avatar
Wonderful since of scope, as always. Good use of light and contrast. 
BLPH's avatar
Thank you very much! :)
agapetos's avatar
Wonderful lighting and atmosphere.
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