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Hey, it's been a while since the last fully detailed piece. As you can see, I deviated a bit from my usual color palette (because I really find greens hard to work with in general). Kind of a self-induced challenge with some spark by ~bloknayrb caused in this comment. If you don't mind me, I'll be going back to blue/purple tones again now :D

During my vacations, there was no internet; hence the distraction-/procrastination-level was low. Original size is 6400 pixels wide and painted at something like 200% mostly (yes, I could've chosen 100% @ 12800px as well, but my computer died at this res already :p). The hyperbasic idea behind: spikey rocks. There are about 250 of them in there. I didn't really count but if anybody's having no life, you're welcome to number them ;p

So, as usual, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did while creating it :)

- Original size: 6400 x 3200 pixels
- Time spent: 1 month
- Software: Photoshop CS2
- Power outages causing me to redo 30% of the piece: 1

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Some artists say to say away from green, yellow and purple as they 'do not work'. But, I think you have used the green well here.