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Autumn of Humanity

"To our great surprise, the enemy has advanced faster and stronger than we expected. City upon city is being lost in the battle. The more we take out, the more come. We kill one and ten new crawl out of cracks, holes, and corners. Thousands of civilians, women, children, were brutally slaughtered. Their superiority is appaling!
So far, nothing has been found that could stop their advances. We are running out of time."

Man, I'm so glad that I managed to finish this painting. This piece took me by far longer than any other project. I spent pretty much my entire free time during my vacations on it, so working-time should be something between 60 and 90 hours dooming with Photoshop's default hard round brush. Conclusion: my will to destroy things seems to be larger than my laziness. lol.

Basic concept behind it: some super-high-developed mutated spiders have decided that it's much more enjoyable to rule humanity than to be ruled by humanity, so they start invading cities and tape down every resistant force to the ground where they can slowly rot away by themselves.
At this point, I'd especially like to thank `j4m3sb0nd with his seemingly neverending stream of ideas. He was definitely a great help!

Enjoy :)

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:bulletblue: Software used: Photoshop
:bulletblue: Hardware: Wacom Intuos 3
:bulletblue: Working time: ~60-90 hours
:bulletblue: Original resolution: 4800x7200px
:bulletblue: Final PSD-size: 463 MB (my laptop needs ages to open/save it :P)
:bulletblue: Temp PS-file: 10.4 GB
Image details
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1000x1500px 1.4 MB
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Haha, it does! Thanks a ton!! :love:

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Duude, this looks so cool.
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Dat patience. You motivate me to color my sketch better.
Godlike underrated work right here!
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Haha, thanks a ton! :D
To be honest, I don't think I could ever work so long on a single piece again :p
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good work
A post-apocalyptic dystopia.
Star! Star! Star! Half Star 
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Woooooooooooooooooooooow, this looks so dystopian, and i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Haha, thank you! :woohoo:
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You're very welcome! :3 
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SIMPLY, WOW! :0 in complete awe...
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Haha, thank you so much! :D
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Thank you! :D
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That spider web with spider looks so oldschool.

just wanted to say it.
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I.... have no idea how I should take it :p
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It looks nostalgic and nostalgic is good ;)
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In that case, thank you very much :p
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Gorgeous, hands down!
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Thank you very much! :)
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