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At Plutonian Shores



"You have reached the very far edges of our solar system. No human has ever been further away from Earth! A truly remarkable moment for mankind, coming to think that more than a decade went into this endeavor. The same way we reached Earth's companion almost a century ago, we are now ready to repeat the process for the Transneptunian objects.
A pity that your two comrades did not make it. You are now the only one to see the far outskirts of the cradle of any lifeform as we know it.
It is sad that life's extent will soon shrink to Earth again. During the Jovian incident, you lost too much fuel to make it back now. We warned you but you wanted to reach Pluto at all costs. An irony that the planet named after the God of death will be your final destination.
Rest in peace. Over."

The base-render to this piece is actually fairly old: it dates back to 1 Jan, 2011. Just recently, I rediscovered it on my hard drive and decided to touch it up (read: overpaint). Hope you like it! :)

Hit download to get a wallpaper-pack of this image. It comes in three sizes:
:bulletblue: 4:3 — 1600x1200
:bulletblue: 16:9 — 1920x1080
:bulletblue: 16:10 — 1920x1200
Smaller monitor? No problem, just pick the right ratio. It should fit without any problems ;)

Enjoy :)

Facts, tasty facts:
* Original working size: 6000x3750 (Print size)
* Terrain rendered with Vue, post-work in Photoshop
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