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Inside the cosmic inequilibrium, there are no constants. One system grows at the cost of another. But the grand interplay will eventually create something new out of both. The eons-lasting tug of war between a now-deserted planet and its companion is slowly coming to an end. The moon will fall apart and be consumed by its much larger neighbor. During this, rocks the size of mountainranges will descend upon the planet's surface, leaving nothing but destruction. In the end, nothing will be as it was before. A novel celestial object will be the ultimate aftermath of this encounter.

Been a while since the last time I blew a planet up. Kind of forgot how much fun it is :D

Ultra-basic idea behind it: have a civilization shape a planet to their needs (are they humongous termite-like creatures who just love to build termite hills? Who knows :D), later desert it just in time before gravitational pulls rip its moon apart (at least on a cosmic timescale). Was quite some fun working on it. I hope you like it as well! :)
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great perspective yo! Love it :)
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Thanks, mate :)
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Very nice, i would like to use this image for my website @

Do i have permission to use this image?
If so could you email me a copy of this image without the watermark at
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Cool, reminds me of a book by Jack McDivett (I think that's how his name is spelled) called Deep Six that has the most incredible rescue I've ever read.
Thank You
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Interesting, I'll check it out as soon as I can ;)
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You should, he's a really good writer.
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Very nice ! I like the termite hill-like.
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Thank you :)
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Wow this is really beautiful!
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It makes me think in the movie of Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer.
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Wow, I recognized this instantly. Even though your lore is certainly unrelated...
I see the Dark Council on Dromund Kaas, from the book Star Wars - The Old Republic - Darth Revan that I'm reading right now :Þ 
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Haha, in my defense, I haven't even seen or read anything Star Wars-related ever :p
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No, don't get me wrong, it's totally awesome that it made me think of Dromund Kaas. I love the artwork.
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Thank you! :D
It seems like I can only create what I don't know of, haha :p
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