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A Place Among the Stars



Sorry for the long wait, so much stuff orbiting my head right now, haha! So, here's something new that I've been working on instead of sleeping :p

The idea behind the image is fairly simple: during an outside-mission of an astronaut, quite some time ago, his ship got blasted to bits. We don't know what exactly caused the fatal incident (maybe an asteroid-collision, maybe an exploration mission to the the mysterious Tetraworld that went terribly wrong at some point) but now this conglomerate of dust and debris is floating through the vastness of space. It has become a part of its surroundings, finally finding peace. The title is shamelessly taken from the Interstellar soundtrack A Place Among the Stars by the magnificent Hans Zimmer! Awesome tune, if you like it, you should really check out the other tracks as well! :)

This piece was created as an entry for the ThumbHub chat Outer Space Contest! Pretty cool entries so far, please do check them out here! Here's hoping I don't pull down the level's average too much, haha :D
Edit (8 Dec, 2016): I got second! Thank you so much! :woohoo:

As always, comments, favs, or even watches are greatly appreciated! I'd love to hear your impressions :)

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I LOVE interstellar ! :D and this picture gives me a very similar feeling - a weirdly beautiful feeling of infinite loneliness. Great piece!