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HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BOY! Do we have a fresh steamer today. Wow. And it's ripe. Guys, I know I said I was going to stop talking about this immature attention seeker, but this journal... this is so bad... that I need to make fun of it right here and now, and pretty much call him out for a lot of his lies. Most of the things on this journal are going to be me summing up all of his statements, and giving an honest answer to... or make fun of how stupid they are. But if you dare to read the journal, as long as the link still works, be my guess. And with that, SQUATALA! We're off to deliver his Bitch Lasagna.

“Will does not like DeviantArt or Discord”:
   I think this form of rumor, while being false in a way, is one I understand being talked about. I have made many many rants about how I can’t stand DeviantArt and wish to leave. I think I need to reword it and make it as clear as crystal: I DO like DeviantArt. Well, DeviantArt without being eclipsed. DeviantArt is a rather solid site that makes it easy to post stuff, and makes it so I don’t have to keep scrolling to find a post by one of my favorite artists. And while I find the points to be a rather dumb thing, I don’t hate the programming of the site. The part I hate is how toxic it has become, and how people like you, Johnathan, wage wars for the most trivial of things. Seriously, all I did was ban you from TRC’s New Server for demanding me to abolish the rule of no Lolicon, and pestering two of my friends, Hunter-94 and Hewhouseice to follow the order of the white king. Let me repeat that: he is throwing a fit over a small server on Discord. A server ban. And he follows that up with deleting his server full of 250 people or so to retaliate. What the hell? I’m surprised most of your friends forgive you for nuking their hangout.
...Oh and Discord. Yeah, same thing as DA, good program toxic fanbase. Let’s move on.

“Will’s Friends and Faves are toxic”:
Okay, our next trip is him targeting a load of people just because I like them or that they are my friends. I think I have made it clear to people to not use my list of people that watch me or watch them, or that I so happen to like. I will get to this later on, but this is some bold move to send people out to attack random users that don’t deserve to be pulled into this pool of drama.

“Will hates Asians”:
[Looks at the text above me]
...WHAT THE HECK?? Did- Did he REALLY go there? XD [Been laughing for half a minute]
I’m sorry for laughing, but this… this is probably the most randomest lie someone has ever told about me. This is the most out of the blue thing, and it’s the reason why I made this journal. Because Mr. Funnytime has not only pulled the Victem Card, not only the Suicide/Self Destruct Card, but the boy f---ing pulled... the Race Card. I can not believe he has stooped this low to go this far. Okay, where is the proof that I hate Asian Culture? You have a comment? Note? Screenshot? Cause I don’t mean to judge, but it sounds like you’re the one who hates them. Wow… If this doesn’t prove that he’s lying, then I don’t know what will.

“Will is a pedophile:”
I think I can sum up this part in a couple of words. The “No U” argument. That is it… Also the kids in fetish art thing is a whole can of worms I don’t want to open.

“Will manipulates people to be on his side”:
Sniff ew… sniffsniff what is that awful smell? *sniff* Wait… I know what that smell is… a big snorting of air yes… It is...


Yeah. Leave it to the king of the white knights to pretty much say stuff like this, after he has told people that they need to run me out of town and get me banned from DA and Discord. Yeah, that’ll totally make sense in the grand scheme of things. I’m pretty sure he’s bringing up my past behaviors, but if he’s talking about people getting involved, then I’m sorry, but I haven’t sent any of my friends to hunt you down. I have already told my friends, and the watchers who have seen my previously journal, that I am not to blame if they decide to also be white knights or defend me. It is not my way to tell people to go out and tell someone to leave, especially after the whole Nathan debacle was over. I am not a fan of the mob mentality thing, and whenever people have to use it, even in good cases, I am just annoyed it had to go that way. So no John… I haven’t sent my friends after you by demand. Now can you manipulate your friends not to keep attacking people.

“Will never draws and relies on others to draw for him”:
Umm… what does this have to do with you being banned? This is a very pointless thing for either me or you to bring up. I think its… Important? I guess I can explain this trivial thing. You see, the only reason I barely draw is because I had to deal with people like you on the internet, and that me and mom are having IRL problems with finances and my social anxiety, as well as me… admitting that I love playing video games. I will admit that it’s mostly the games that are the reason I stay away from drawing, but I mostly play games just to escape the following I have mentioned. As for other people drawing for me, that’s just them being generous. I haven’t been able to draw most of my stuff as I mention, so I needed some help getting my ideas out there so I don’t forget them. Shout outs to Ms-Chemi for helping me out with drawing stuff. As for me drawing, I am going to go back to drawing normally after this journal, and will be posting stuff late in March or in April. So yeah. Thought I give this trivial thing an answer.

“Will Faves just to look good”:
Yeah, that’s why I fave. Cause what’s would be my reason to fave a pic anyways, right? Look, this is getting silly. Of course I have a lot of pics I like to fave. It is in my nature to fave any art or journal I like and agree with. I don’t usually fave pics out of kindness, or because someone told me to fave it. I can’t help being the tough critic time to time, and I’ll admit I have been to blunt with my critiques. I really need to work on how I do this sort of stuff. But in all honesty, I never mean to come off as rude. Just a bit, sensitive. And speaking of being sensitive...

“Will gets mad on purpose”:
[Just imagine me turning my room into rubble out as an act]
Well, isn’t it human to do so? Then again, any rant you make on the internet can be taken out of context as a person throwing a fit. Yes, I will admit that I have had some melt down before. While most of them are reasonable, like being annoyed by two or more tw-ts demanding for my execution, there have been times where I regrettably snapped at my friends. I have apologies to them, and there were some I haven’t apologized and forgotten about. And as I said, I never mean to harm people. If I have caused any harm, I am greatly sorry and understand if you won’t forgive me.

“Your Past defines your Present”:
I know it isn’t exactly what he said, but this is me abridging it. I know he hasn’t said much about it, but I do want to bring this up if he has. I have forgotten about a few things his journal said because I have been writing this, and I have pretty much reached over 1400 words at this point. But if I could be honest, a lot of what he has said in the journal are pretty much the same as what happened in the past, acting as if I still do these things. One of which use to be requesting gore-filled hate art of characters and shows, and no, I haven’t asked for any recently since the whole thing is immature. If I am going to be killing a character or be beating them down, it’s mostly because of humor, and I am going to avoid the ones I hate when doing so. Because hate art is rather immature time to time. As for the rest, I have already explained it. So I don’t need to repeat myself.

And that’s all I got for my break down of his journal. If you can take anything away from this, it is that Funnytime has pretty much typed up a mudslinging journal just to get dirt on me for things I haven’t done in a long while, stuff that were taken out of context, stuff I have already apologized for, and the Asian thing, all over a server ban. And to those who came her just to ignore and leave a viscous comment telling me to die, or lecturing me of how I’m the shithead, it is pointless to do so since that’ll only makes matters worse, and only make the person you’re white knighting look far worse. And Funnytime, if you are reading this, I hope you think of all the people you have harassed and who your white knights have harmed. You’ve put loads of people’s reputations in the shitter over the most trivial things. And for that, you won’t ever be forgiven.

Last Words:
This is the last LAST journal I’ll be making about him. Unless he has done something else to warrant another, I would love to move on to do other things, since I have finally delivered his bitch lasagna. So this has been Will, and next time… if you are banned from a server, don’t throw a tantrum.


Both my and my Mom's dog are back home. Boy it felt lonely without my Ozzy.
Both my and Mom's dog are at daycare. It feels like dropping off your kid at a school. But it's good, since they'll learn stuff and meet new people.
Both my and Mom's dog are at daycare. It feels like dropping off your kid at a school. But it's good, since they'll learn stuff and meet new people.
DeviantArt had finally fixed that bug involving notifications from blocked people. Which is fine by me since those are usually the obnoxious ones.
In case people missed it, I do want to bring it up against just in case.

Now, please don't jump the gun and get mad at me if I ever do quit participating in fetishes. I know a lot of people would be worried that me quitting a fetish would mean some characters like Blozzle and Chewy Chu would be tossed in the bin. And while I would give them other purposes instead of just being tools for the inflation fetish, I wouldn't "kill" them off unless I had good reason that isn't petty. I wouldn't kill either of them off, but they would have to be different characters from what they were previously.
I've been having some issues on debating whether I should continue doing fetishes or leave the fetish community after how unhealthy my time was in it. NOT saying everyone I meet was bad, nor am I calling mames, it's just that I have been losing interest in it, as well as been running into situations that involve a lot of drama.

I'd rather tell you guys than hide the truth. It has been something festering in my mind, and I rather come out and say something about it.
To anyone hearing about the Nathan thing, it's over. I have stretched my hand out to help this person for the last time. If he won't change and think twice, then I won't give him anymore chances. It sucks when you want to help someone and they refuse to take what you say as anything but hatred. I have a link to a old journal I've made about him, if you guys want some context to his actions:…
And Nathan, don't take this in the way of committing the suicide card or as me telling you to leave DA this time.

Also, I am still not going to talk about politics and the Article 13 situation. Not my area, and I won't ever dive into it. I ain't political, and I shouldn't be.

you have sent an emotional feeling down my throat. And that is...


This is more serious then the war ever. If you don’t want to get involved, DON’T GET INVOLVED! And my mind was strict on reality (again, you are refusing to believe EVERYTHING I say) I have gotten into a lot more things. Been working on videos with no C&T and shit William! And don’t even THINK of telling me to “deactivate and leave you alone” I have no intent on leaving DA (i’m Mostly active on sundays except this week).

Although, i’ll Leave you with a question: Out of all the users who were talking shit about you and sending hate memes to you, why do you choose to SOULEY focus your eyes on ME and me only? Why?…


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for you, I hope things look up for you in the future.
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