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this takes place in an alternate timeline where springtrap went down in the fire along with baby, and molten freddy , who also were there, micheal was the one who set it up (henry had died by now), and the guy who rebranded the franchise years later (charlie)  was the night gaurd at fazbears fright, charlie was the only one to escape the fire
charlie getting haunted: 2023, when the rebranding happens:2028, fazbears fright:2023
charlie: the owner of the rebranded freddy fazbears, he is the grandson of simon (henrys little brother) , he was named that in honor of charlie (henrys daughter/the puppet)
the blacklight animatronics( they are actually glow in the dark but blacklight sounds cool)
they look like the funtime animatronics except instead of white its black... and they glow in the dark, and you can bareley notice that they have face plates
there is blacklight freddy foxy bonnie and chica
blacklight chica looks like a combination of the official funtime chica, and hero gollums funtime chica. glow in the dark colors are yellow, pink
freddy looks like the official, funtime freddy but with some toy freddy mixed in.glow in the dark colors are, pink, blue ,yellow, red ,and white
foxy looks like funtime foxy and rockstar foxy(but mainley the funtime).glow in the dark is pink and red , has multiple puppets of which are switched multiple times a day, and once during the night, the puppets are as follows: benedict the dove, mat the cat, lawrence the monkey, catty the bat, natalie the dog, adam the parrot, barley the beaver, spam fish, popul the otter (there are more but i havnt made them yet)
bonnie look like gamesproductions funtime bonnie, and toy bonnie. glow in the dark is blue and white
ad0ul0bab0 the tablet, your guide troughout the nights and your acsess to the cameras, there is a laptop version for blacklight foxy to teach kids about technoligy. the colors are are black and pink. it is supossidly female, but has a voice that is heavily under autotune.
the blacklights arnt to be feared but when they are to deal with possible hostile they tend to be ascessive and knock them out, the ones to be feared are the personal demon animatronics they arnt your personal demons but they are someones, they disguise as the toy animatronics, but in auctallyuallity they look like a combination of the toys, nightmares, twisteds, and withreds
the personal demons haunted charlie in his third year of highschool, they havent changed appearance over the years and they were much more special in their attack patterns back then.
personal demon freddy: represents any hightened self importance disorder, and schizophrenia .he is 10 feet tall can barley fit in charlies house, he has no eyes. the red cheeks are replaced with holes that "bleed" and is pretty much made millions of freddles (kinda like oggie boogie) when attacking charlie it goes from the basement up when it reaches his bedroom it will go to the bed and acts like nightmare freddy
personal demon bonnie: represents depression and split personallity disorder, the face can pop off making some simularities to withred bonnie. its left arm is just one long wirey mess that it attacks you with.its feet are almost nonexsistant. it goes from the front door to your room to keep it from attacking you have to leave the door open, at 5 am of night 3 and beyond it will break the camera its on
personal demon chica : represents vanity, and abuse(any kind) its arms are akin to those of drakill chica the cupcake is a giant pink melting mess on her back causing her to be hunchbacked, her beek is detachible (like toy chica) but its held in place by tendrils acting as some sort of teeth. when atacking charlie , it will come from the back door, to you door, when it gets there, you will need to close the door to keep it from attacking
you will need to use the cameras to play sounds to ensure that bonnie and chica dont get to the door at the same time , if bonnie breaks a camera you will still be able to play sounds but the range will be weakened, you can use the cameras to delay foxy and freddy from getting into charlies room
personal demon foxy: represents obcsessive tendencies, and masochism. it looks like what mangle would look like if it auctually was made from funtime foxy, all of the plastic parts are melting. it will go down from the attic , and try to get in your room ounce in there it will go to your closet and will act like nightmare foxy(fnaf4) and if you fail to ward it off there it will hang from the ceiling and randomly attack.
personal demon abomination: its a amalgamation of the other personal demons, it attacks on night 6 and you see it by playing the game without doing the "ward off" minigames
personal nightmare: just like abomination it will be the only thing to attack on night 6 , but instead you fight it if you do all "ward off" minigames, beating it will get you the true(good) ending, it looks alot like nightmare(fnaf 4) but has a big uncanny smile, the black is "melting", and its ears look like horns. it is charlies finale challenge , and it faces him at his school right after he blacks out due to blood loss, its night last 16 hours(ingame) its easier to deal with then the other animatronics as there is only one and you can tell its there, half way trough the night it switchs to a hospital setting the setup is just a reskinned version of the classroom
2023 endings
good true: charlie defeats the personal demons, and saves his freinds
bad false: charlies freinds are haunted by the personal demon animatronics until they die (which wont be long)
2028 endings
(true)good: the franchise is sussecful and the personal demons seemingly disapear
(false)bad : the franchise is ran into the ground and the personal demons roam the streets


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