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Please read the ENTIRE rules and guidelines before joining the group!

Group Goal: Increasing engagement in the writing community through exchanging feedback and enthusiasm!


:bulletpurple: Absolutely no bullying. Anyone who is found bullying will be reported and kicked out of the group.

:bulletpurple: Please submit to the right folders. If you accidentally submit a deviation into the wrong folder, just message an admin to fix it. Otherwise, we will remove it. If removed, you can always re-submit to the right folder!

:bulletpurple: Use the mature content warning when applicable to your writing. Of course, what counts as mature depends somewhat on your discretion; a few swearwords might not hurt, but graphic sex/violence is, as a general rule, mature content. If a moderator finds your work to be mature content without the warning, we will comment; if ignored, we will remove it from the gallery.


We will have three features and one event that will cycle throughout the month. More information will come soon!

Week 1: Writing Feature
Week 2: Feedback Event
Week 3: Writing Feature
Week 4: Community Feature


:bulletpurple: There is a three deviation per week limit. Submissions are manually accepted and should be accepted in less than 24 hours. If you wish to submit more in a week, just contact one of the admins to discuss it.

:bulletpurple: We implore that all members take time to check out this group's gallery and support your fellow member's works. This is not enforceable. However, this community of writers is only so strong as its members. The more you contribute, the more likely the community thrives, and the more you benefit!

:bulletpurple: If you are unclear where your literature piece goes because you don't understand some of the terms, please look at the brief definition/explanation at the top of each folder. You can also always ask the admins for help!

:bulletpurple: If you want to join the group, just hit the join button. An admin will approve your request.

If there are any questions, feel free to message me (Porsheee) or any of the co-founders. And most importantly, welcome to the group, it's nice to see you! :happybounce:






For reasons mainly related to my own health, I will have to step down as admin of this beautiful group. Apologies about that, especially to you people who've been waiting for a while now for the features to start happening.
May you have a wonderful literary future! And never forget to enjoy life to its fullest :D
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ShokuAli30 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2020  Student Writer
Story ideaI have this idea for a story about a 21-year-old female college student with severe autism. Here are the characters of said story.~~~Molly Fields; a 21-year-old college student with severe autism. She is non-verbal and can only communicate by making quiet squeaks and noises. Extremely shy towards people than her uncle and her caregiver, she's always alone- either sitting in her room, her dorm or at the campus cafe. She uses music to help her concentrate on her work, which is not noticed until the second chapter. Despite her disability, Molly is kind, loving and has a fear of rejection and gangs.Nash Tate; Molly's abusive, alcoholic uncle who took Molly in after her mother abandoned her as a child. He is shown to only care about booze and his poker money rather than his niece. He always sees his niece's disability as a major nuisance and he abuses her every day because of it.Dr. Lance Hall; Molly's brave yet gentle and kind-hearted caregiver. He's been caring for her since she was first diagnosed with severe autism. Unlike her uncle, Dr. Hall is more caring and supportive towards Molly and he does not like it when either her uncle or other people mistreat her (i.e., calling her a retard). The town's behavioral health center allowed him to stay with Molly shortly after her mother left her for Chicago.Mr. Peter Bernard; a professor specializing in special needs and autism at Gloria Valley College. He becomes Molly's special needs teacher at said college and he later becomes her friend after noticing that listening to music helps her focus on her work. He does not like the way Nash treats Molly.Spikes; one of Nash's poker buddies and a member of a biker gang in Gloria Valley. He runs into and insults Molly in the second chapter, but he apologizes and warms up to her in the seventh chapter after Nash posted a video of one of Molly's crying fits on the Internet. He reveals that he has an autistic sister during his argument with Nash in the same chapter.Blade; one of Nash's poker buddies and another member of the biker gang Hell Raisers. He, along with Spikes, Ripper, Crash and Razor, are among those who defend Molly after Nash posted a cruel video of his niece.Ripper; one of Nash's poker buddies and a childhood friend of Dr. Hall, despite Ripper being a member of the Hell Raisers biker gang. He, along with Spikes, Blade, Crash and Razor, are among those who defend Molly after Nash posted a cruel video of his niece.Crash; one of Nash's poker buddies and a college dropout due to his anger issues a few years prior. He, along with Spikes, Blade, Ripper and Razor, are among those who defend Molly after Nash posted a cruel video of his niece.Razor; the only biker who's not friends with Nash, due to their hatred towards each other. He, along with Spikes, Blade, Ripper and Crash, are among those who defend Molly after Nash posted a cruel video of his niece.Needles; the drug addict of Nash's poker group who gets arrested for his drug use in the third chapter. Gets out on bail in the fourth chapter, thanks to Nash using a portion of his poker money.Clyde; the leader of a group of rednecks who harass and/or insult people no matter their race, color, disability or gender. He and his fellow rednecks begin harassing Molly in the fourth chapter and he and the rednecks are the only people who are on Nash's side after the latter posts a video of Molly's tantrum.Trista; Nash's ex-wife who left him due to his abusive behavior towards her and their niece Molly. She is friends with Dr. Hall and is the current wife of Spikes.Amy Fields; Molly's mother who left her daughter under the care of her brother Nash a week after her husband's death when Molly was a child.Clarissa; a student at Gloria Valley College and the town's resident 'rich bitch'. Her clique treats her like a queen and she's one of the college bullies that pick on Molly because of the latter's autism.~~~I hope this peaks your interests and if you want, you can RP with me about it via notes.
Malintra-Shadowmoon Featured By Owner May 28, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much for requesting my DD Suggestion Guidelines. :) 
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gl1tter-dust Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2018
Can I help revive this group at all 
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I am looking for the join button my good man (British accent), Where, I ask you, is the join button?

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