Do you Know about Demons? Speciale RP Event

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It was a nice night again above The academy as Suddenly the groups started to shake like a earthquake again it was like before when snow had fallen on the school groups but this time it was heavy then before.
As if something was trying to come out from underneath the school,When Tomoe got up to check it out a Dark shadow passed him by and Fly straight to Hotaru Himawari,s room as he took her out of her bed,with her looking all paniced and scream for help.
He put her back to sleep a deep sleep so she wouldn,t awake up for a very very very long time as afterwards the Being try to get everyones attention.
,,Vampires!!! i have finally awoke from my long long sleep and are now returning towards this Building as my home once,s more i will leave you all in piece i will not harm you in anyway those of you who like to fight me are all welcome but i don,t really think that any of you can beat me! if you beat me i will become your Familiar but i doubt it that any of you can beat a A rank Familiar,,He spoke in a loud deep voice so everyone could hear it.

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"How fascinating. I wonder if I might be able to challenge the demon to an intellectual duel rather than violence. After all I would be very curious to learn about the creature rather than try to destroy it." Damien said, not looking overly angry annoyed or scared. He indeed looked fascinated by the new arrival. After all it has sworn not to hurt them unless they challenge it to a fight.